Savings Accounts

Family Saving, Part 3: Savings Strategies to Help Save for a Vacation

When it comes to putting away money for your family, you may find it helpful to have different savings strategies in place for each of your initiatives. For instance, how you save for a new washer and dryer may be different than how you save for your annual insurance premiums. Involving your children in some […]

Savings Accounts

A Self-Starter’s Toolkit for Personal Savings

Some of us just like to do things ourselves. If you're one of those self-starters, you may be most comfortable setting up your own personal savings plan rather than depending on a financial professional. Many people, in fact, handle their own savings and investments quite successfully. But if the do-it-yourself personal savings approach suits you, […]

Savings Accounts

Grand Advice: Helping Your Grandchildren Set Their Best Savings Goals

On the surface, a grandparent jumping in to teach a young adult grandchild about setting the best savings goals may seem a little off base. After all, isn't that a job for parents? Maybe, but kids can always use some reinforcement. Some may miss out on much financial advice altogether, either because money can be […]

Savings Accounts

Retirement Strategies: Retirement Planning Basics

It’s never too early—or too late—to start retirement planning. In fact, now is the perfect time to start researching retirement savings account options and working to save for your retirement because today’s income can be used to fund tomorrow’s goals. Your own goals should be the basis for your plans, and it’s important to remember […]

Savings Accounts

Retirement Savings Companion Strategies

Some kind of retirement savings account—whether it's an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), 401(k) or something else—is an important part of every financial planning strategy. It is important to plan for your retirement regardless of how you envision that part of your life because time and today's income are the two biggest things going for you. […]

Savings Accounts

His and Her Savings Accounts. Is It a Good Idea?

Chances are, you have more than a single goal when it comes to saving. There may come a time when you find yourself putting money away for retirement, a vacation, education, a new car, and a plain old emergency fund. That's a lot of savings goals to keep track of. That's why for some people, […]

Savings Accounts

Advantages of an Online Bank Account

An online bank account comes with many advantages, including convenience and security. First, with online bank accounts there's no such thing as "banker's hours." You can check your balance, open a new account, or transfer money any time, from anywhere you have Internet access. And although most traditional banks offer some form of online access, […]

Savings Accounts

IRA or 401(k)

A retirement savings account is simply an essential part of making smart financial moves. By adding to your retirement savings account when you are still young, you're making the most of the income you earn now so that you can access it later in life—no matter how you envision your retirement. Different types of retirement […]

Savings Accounts

Great Savings Account Rates Can Be Yours

An online savings account is an ideal way to save money and a key part of a well-rounded savings plan. Opening and using a savings account is simple. At Ally Bank, you can open and fund any account with any amount and start saving for a home, a car, a vacation, an education, an emergency […]

Savings Accounts

When Should You Start Saving? Now.

The best time to start socking money away by opening a savings account is now, even if you have to economize to do so. Why? The sooner you begin, the sooner you can harness the power of compounded interest. Depositing money in or opening a savings account can be the first step in accumulating money […]

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