With any kind of financial transaction, certain security precautions are necessary. For online banking, these begin with your own computer security. Your home PC almost certainly came with anti-virus and anti-spyware programs—sometimes offered on a trial basis—and a firewall to prevent unwanted intrusions into your system.

Be sure to turn these programs on and keep them up-to-date. Spyware can monitor the Internet sites you visit and might attempt to access your personal information, including credit card or bank account numbers and even your passwords. Computer viruses are typically computer programs that are designed to make your computer do something it wasn't intended to do—like erase all of your important files, for example. If your computer doesn’t have anti-virus and anti-spyware software, there are several good programs available for purchase.

At Ally Bank, we want you to be safe and secure when you bank with us online. To learn more about all of our practices and products, go to Allybank.com or call live, 24/7 customer care at 877-247-ALLY (2559) today.

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