The basics of an Ally Bank Money Market Account.

With an Ally Bank Money Market Account, you earn a variable rate that's consistently among the most competitive in the country according to, and you can open and fund your account with any amount. You pay no monthly maintenance fees and you get free standard checks and a debit card for convenient access to your money. You can use any Allpoint no-fee ATM—plus receive up to $10 reimbursement for fees charged at other ATMs nationwide each statement cycle.

It's these basic features that make the Ally Money Market Account a great way to plan for the unexpected. Do you have an emergency fund set aside? If not, then you'll be glad to discover the advantages and conveniences of saving with a money market account for this and countless other purposes.

So beyond the basics, what else can you do with your money market account?

The Ally Money Market Account might be a great "hub" account in your overall financial plan. In other words, you can use it as the central place to keep funds until you move money to other places: your checking account, CDs, IRA or any other account in your personal finance system.

Perhaps you'd like to pay cash for your next vehicle, and you want to be able to act quickly when you find the right car. Keeping those funds in your Ally Bank Money Market Account—away from your everyday cash—allows you to earn interest while still having flexible access to your funds within federal transaction limits.

Using your Ally Bank Money Market Account as a hub works with everyday spending, too. Let's say you've just returned from a grocery store trip and you're $50 under budget. You can transfer that extra $50 into your Ally Bank Money Market Account, where it may earn more interest. Repeat the practice often enough, and you may find your balance growing to help you meet some other savings goal. More importantly, when that money isn't in your checking account, you're less likely to spend it on an impulse.

So whether you've just opened an Ally Bank Money Market Account, or are about to, discover how it can help you meet your financial goals. Learn more by visiting or call live, 24/7 customer care at 877-247-ALLY (2559) today.

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