Smart Driving

Keep the Streets Safe with These Driver and Pedestrian Safety Tips

Safely navigating local roads—which often have lower speed limits, controlled intersections and small children—demands unwavering focus. Here are important tips for drivers and pedestrians alike. For Drivers Hit the Brakes After hours on the highway, it’s hard for many drivers to adjust to lower speed limits in quiet towns. That’s why you must be acutely […]

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Find the Right Mobility Equipment to Fit Your Needs and Your Budget

In the twenty five years since the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed, countless improvements have been made for individuals who live with a disability. Access to programs, businesses, travel, and employment opportunities became a guaranteed civil right for all. Living with a physical disability can be challenging if you don’t have the support […]

Smart Driving

Best Practices for Driving in the Rain

As much as we’d like it to be the case, driving isn’t always synonymous with great weather. That’s why it’s important to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws our way. The following are a few useful tips for driving in the rain and tips for when it’s time to simply pull over. Plan Ahead […]

Smart Driving

Henry Ford’s Influence on the U.S. Commercial Airline Industry

Henry Ford is well known for profoundly revolutionizing the automobile industry during the early 20th century, but few are aware of the significant role he played in promoting the U.S. commercial airline industry. Just as Ford transformed the automobile from a luxury to a necessity with his Model T, he also helped to introduce almost […]

Smart Driving

Caring for Older Drivers: Senior Driving Safety

Driving is one of the first ways we’re seen as adults. Before going inside a voting booth or taking that first legal drink, most of us have already driven. A fact that probably kept our parents up all night. And as concerned as they were about us, we owe them the same level of care and […]

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Singalong Road Trip Songs

As summer winds down, many families across the country will end the season with one last vacation. And there aren’t many places better than the open road. Music connects to memories and as families make unforgettable vacations together, the choice of music is essential. The ideal road trip playlist should have something for everyone. Maybe […]

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Financial Considerations for Parents of College Students Buying a Car

During the transition between high school and college, kids often crave independence. As a financially responsible parent, here are a few things to consider when helping your student buy a car. Buy or Lease? There are pros and cons to both. Buying a car can be a terrific way to build one’s credit. However, leasing a car […]

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According to a recent article for Daily Finance, there are a variety of opportunities that could shift owning a car from an expense to a source of income. Cabbies and livery drivers aren’t the only ones profiting off their cars anymore. Travel and car services are now allowing regular people to supplement their income through […]

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