Car Shopping

Your Roadmap to Buying the Right Auto Insurance

Americans’ love affair with the car is more than a century old and still going strong. Who doesn’t get excited about all the options you can choose from when purchasing a set of wheels? But when it comes to the insurance that protects their car, drivers are usually less enthusiastic. (After all, insurance isn’t nearly […]

Car Shopping

Is an Electric Car Right for You?

Living in a world where you can charge your car just like you charge your phone still feels like the future, but that future is becoming more and more accessible to all of us by the day. Due to the many benefits of electric vehicles, it’s not really surprising that the number of electric car […]

Car Shopping

Virtually Jump Into the Coolest Cars From the Detroit Auto Show With Danny “The Count” Koker

At the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Ally teamed up with Danny Koker, star of History Channel’s Counting Cars, to give an inside look at the coolest cars at the show. Using 360 video, Danny gives a tour of the vehicle and talks about some of the cool features and tech. Here […]

Car Shopping

The New Car-Shopping Experience

We’re all living in the digital age now, so no one should be surprised that much of the car-shopping process is completed online. If you’ve shopped for a vehicle recently, you might have checked out online sources, including reviews, as part of the process. According to research done for Ally by the Center of Generational […]

Car Shopping

Don’t Believe the Hype! Cars Matter to Millennials

Ally knows and loves the car business. We immerse ourselves in the study of automotive trends to better understand and serve our auto customers. Beyond research, we’re simply obsessed with cars because we know they’re a vital part of our customers’ lives. On a more personal level, car love is in my blood. Born and […]

Car Shopping

What to Consider Before Buying a Hybrid Car

When it comes time to find a new car, there are plenty of choices to make. Do you ever start the thought process by deciding how you want your car to be powered? If you’re considering the switch to a hybrid vehicle, we have a few ideas to help guide your thought process. These vehicles […]

Car Shopping

Car Design Trends Influenced by the Sea

Car designers have been known to feed on inspiration from some unusual sources. Airplanes, stiletto heels, and, of course, James Bond have all allegedly inspired beautiful cars. For some designers, the best inspiration lurks just below the water’s surface. Believe it or not, fish have inspired much more than the tailfins iconic to a 1950’s […]

Car Shopping

Auto Financing Options: How to Finance with your Dealer and Ally

In order to buy or lease a vehicle with Ally, first you’ll need to visit your local dealership. Once you’ve found the right vehicle, you will need to decide whether buying or leasing a car is right for you. Your next move will be to negotiate the transaction details with your dealer. There are a […]

Car Shopping

Riding Into the Future: New Car Features for Passengers

We love cars. And we love driving. But even if it’s only for one blog, let’s put drivers in the backseat. Together, let’s look to a future beyond cup holders and heated seats. Here are our favorite passenger-centric car advancements from the last few years. Headrests Cars were first built with drivers in mind and […]

Car Shopping

Ride in Style: The Reason Behind Buying That New Car

When shopping for a new car, what is it that makes someone choose a particular vehicle model? About half of Americans tend to be loyal to a preferred automaker, brand, or even a local dealership, which can help to narrow the search quite a bit. And for those who aren’t loyal to a brand, reputation […]

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