Traveling across America by car offers drivers many things to break up the boredom. Along the country’s many roads are important pieces of infrastructure worthy of our admiration and joy – although we sometimes cross over them without giving them a second thought. There’s an argument that in the midst of truly stunning engineering marvels, traffic is a blessing. It gives us ample time to appreciate. Let’s call out some of our favorite bridges and tunnels that make driving much more than a collection of roads.

Suspension Bridges

When you’re discussing suspension bridges in America, the conversation must begin with the inspiration of poets, filmmakers and romantics: The Brooklyn Bridge. Completed in 1883, it remains the crown jewel of New York City’s bridges, despite being supplanted by newer, longer spans. While San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge has come to define that city’s grandeur, it’s not the longest suspension bridge in the United States. That distinction belongs to the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, which connects the boroughs of Brooklyn and Staten Island. Even the bridge’s hefty toll can’t diminish its greatness.

Cantilever Bridges

While these bridges aren’t as romanticized as their suspension counterparts, they still provide drivers with lofty sights. In the Pacific Northwest, the Astoria-Megler Bridge connects Oregon and Washington. It crosses the mighty Columbia River and provides a spectacular view of the waterway emptying into the Pacific Ocean.

Covered Bridges

These short bridges are still a wonder despite their size. Across New England, the nostalgia of covered bridges is known far and wide. The Connecticut River Byway, between New Hampshire and Vermont, is lined with many gems.

Mountain Tunnels

The Allegheny Mountain Tunnel in western Pennsylvania, built in 1939, remains the pride of the Keystone State. As you might imagine, this road cuts right through the Allegheny Mountains.

Underwater Tunnels

You might not like either of them, but New York’s Lincoln and Holland Tunnels are both incredible feats of human ingenuity. Connecting New Jersey with the Island of Manhattan beneath the Hudson River, these passageways bring droves of people into the Big Apple each year.

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