We’re living in an increasingly technology-driven time. We can take a picture of our checks and they’ll be cashed at our banks, our information can be stored in the “cloud,” and now, in Iowa, drivers will soon have the ability to store their driver’s licenses digitally with a free mobile app.

The app, which wouldn’t replace plastic licenses entirely, allowing those with a more traditional sensibility to have their license in hand, is expected to be released sometime in 2015. According to the Des Moines Register1, the licenses will come with a PIN for verification.

According to StateTechMagazine.com2, more than 20 other states are currently considering this new digital ID technology.

With this new technology comes new privacy concerns. With the app, police officers would need to take the driver’s phone to scan the license and, in doing so, there’s a chance that the officer could see a private message. There’s also the security concern of ensuring that your license is not being used by someone else.

Electronic identification isn’t entirely unheard of in the automotive world, as many states have already begun to accept digital proof of insurance over the last three years, according to the Christian Science Monitor3. Worldwide, there have been many implementations of digital technology within identification, including passports, which now have a digital chip containing all the personal data listed within the paper document.

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