According to a recent article for Daily Finance, there are a variety of opportunities that could shift owning a car from an expense to a source of income. Cabbies and livery drivers aren’t the only ones profiting off their cars anymore. Travel and car services are now allowing regular people to supplement their income through car ownership. Whether it’s someone working remotely with extra time on their hands or a college kid looking for a summer job, there are many great opportunities to use your automobile for profit. Here are some interesting ways you can turn your car into a four-wheeled moneymaker.

Moving Billboard

Though it can seem like a no-brainer, some are reluctant to let companies advertise on their vehicle. However, advertising brands can offer drivers a great opportunity for profit. Advertising companies now give drivers the ability to turn their cars into moving billboards. It can be a convenient way to make money maybe even on your daily commute.


If becoming a driving advertisement doesn’t interest you, perhaps ridesharing does. Passengers hail cars via a smartphone app, and although fulltime employment is possible, many drivers choose ridesharing as their secondary source of income. As a driver, you’ll use your own car, on your own time.


Frequent travelers likely know the stress of leaving their car at the airport for extended periods of time. Some startups today allow car owners to make money while they’re traveling because they’re now able to rent their vehicles to other travelers. An added bonus for renters could include free parking and a carwash through certain companies. Compared to sitting at the airport-using your car for any profit is better than nothing.

Odd Jobs

Aside from the aforementioned ways to make money, you could deliver groceries, shuttle dogs to groomers or even tour passengers around local points of interest. When you own a car, there’s no shortage of creative ways to use your car to make money.

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