Car tires are designed to withstand the elements and a keep us safe on the road. And once they’re worn and ready to retire, the durable aspects of tires can make them ideal for repurposing and reusing.

Below are some of the most innovative and practical items that can be made from car tires.

The Home

Recycled car tires can be repurposed as environmentally-friendly roofing materials. Rubber tires are already resistant to damage from heat, cold, water, and sun — all things that a roof might come in contact with. Some companies like Euroshield have designed a variety of rubber shingle styles all made primarily from recycled car tires.

For the inside of the home, there are parquet flooring options made from a combination of recycled tires and recycled plastic. In this case, the tires are typically ground into a powder before being mixed with the plastic at high temperatures. So, the color and appearance of the finished floor product is almost indistinguishable from the original source.

The Closet

Many recycled car tires are able to hit the road once again after being repurposed into footwear. Brands such as soleRebels, Indosole, and many others have found creative ways to design durable and sustainable shoes in a variety of styles. Beyond footwear, you might be able to find belts, wallets, and bracelets made from tire materials.

On the Road

Depending on where you live, old car tires might be found as pavement on your roads and highways.Rubberized Asphalt Concrete, or RAC, is a paving material that is composed of traditional asphalt concrete and crumb rubber from recycled tires. When compared to asphalt concrete alone, RAC can be more cost-efficient and friendly to the environment. RAC is already being used in several warmer-weather states as a durable, safe, and quiet paving material.

The Playground

On the playground, you can also find more enjoyable uses of recycled tires. Of course we can’t go without mentioning the classic tire swing. But tires have also been used to create all different kinds of bridges, ropes, and tubes for children to explore.

For increased safety, many playgrounds have a soft, bouncy floor that is made from shredded tires and other forms of recycled rubber.

The Art Gallery

Korean sculpture artist Yong Ho Ji has designed perhaps the most beautiful re-use of car tires. His innovative sculptures are made primarily of used tires that have been shredded, then bound together with synthetic resin. Aiming to make a visual statement about human beings’ responsibility for nature, the artist has created inspiring animal, human, and plant sculptures from recycled tires.

Do you encounter any other car parts in your day-to-day? What do you think is the most ingenious re-use that you’ve come across? Let us know in the comments below!