As summer winds down, many families across the country will end the season with one last vacation.

And there aren’t many places better than the open road.

Music connects to memories and as families make unforgettable vacations together, the choice of music is essential. The ideal road trip playlist should have something for everyone. Maybe your newfound taste in music will surprise you and your kids. Or maybe you’ll bond over the shared love of an artist, band or genre.

Some people like to synchronize the music on their stereo with the regions they’re traveling through.

If you’re down in the Mississippi Delta, make it the Blues. In the Pacific Northwest, better try some Grunge.Detroit means Motown. And if you find yourself pretty much anywhere in Texas, Country is always the safest bet.

So, whether it’s only a few miles or several hundred, matching songs with a trip is a fun way to enjoy the end of summer.

Here are some playlists to get your wheels turning. And if you have any favorite road trip songs, please share them in the comments.