Smart Driving

A Guide to Navigating Auto Apps

Pretty much anything you can think of, there’s an app for it. Got a car? There’s an app for that. So many, in fact, that it can be hard to find the best car apps when the rubber hits the road. But it’s good to know what they are, considering the average American spends 18 […]

Smart Driving

7 Ways to Save When Driving During the Holidays

If you’re planning to drive this holiday season, it may be a good time to review some common-sense driving tips that can help keep your car in good condition – and save you money along the way. Get a tune-up For many of us, cars are one of our most valuable possessions. Before embarking on […]

Smart Driving

Use Tech to Help Stay Focused on the Road with Distraction-Free Driving Apps and Features

It’s one of the golden rules, or at least it should be: don’t text and drive. We all know that distracted driving is dangerous, right? But still, nearly every one of us has seen it happen or worse — done it ourselves. Since most of us touch our phones well over 2,000 times per day, […]

Smart Driving

How Virtual Reality Tech is Changing the Auto Industry

Entering the world of virtual reality used to be the stuff of dreams. Now the technology is here, and it’s making us question everything we thought was possible. We’ve already seen VR tech have a big impact in the field of automotive alone. The way we design, test-drive, and shop for cars may never be […]

Smart Driving

Recycled Auto Parts: The Innovative Re-Use of Car Tires

Car tires are designed to withstand the elements and a keep us safe on the road. And once they’re worn and ready to retire, the durable aspects of tires can make them ideal for repurposing and reusing. Below are some of the most innovative and practical items that can be made from car tires. The […]

Smart Driving

Road Trip Apps: Use Your Smartphone to Plan a Tech-Savvy Road Trip

When the craving for adventure hits, there is no greater cure than a spontaneous road trip. If you’re itching to hit the road without an itinerary, grab your smartphone (and maybe a change of clothes). Below are some of our favorite mobile apps that will help turn your smartphone into the ultimate copilot. Navigation Reliable […]

Smart Driving

Family Auto Insurance: Why Nest-Dwellers Are Doing it Right

More than a quarter of young adults currently live at home with their parents. And this type of living arrangement has been modestly on the rise since our last recession. Many in this group reluctantly stayed, or moved back, home during tough economic times, but now are warming up to the idea. They don’t want […]

Smart Driving

Crossing Over: Types of Bridges and Where to Find Them

Traveling across America by car offers drivers many things to break up the boredom. Along the country’s many roads are important pieces of infrastructure worthy of our admiration and joy – although we sometimes cross over them without giving them a second thought. There’s an argument that in the midst of truly stunning engineering marvels, […]

Smart Driving

Road Safety Improvements That Changed the Way We Drive

When cars were new and novel, safety wasn’t even an afterthought. Thankfully, this is something people sought to change. But like any other advancement, it took time, trial and error. As cars improved their safety features, roads remained quite hazardous. Let’s drive back in time to recall significant safety improvements many take for granted. Bumps […]

Smart Driving

Self-Driving Cars: Driverless Car Technology is Hitting the Road

Change is a-comin’. Driving right at us. Or, it’s cruising, actually, at a perfectly efficient speed to our location. The car pulls up and you get in, but the driver’s seat is empty. Or, there really isn’t a driver’s seat. This dream of science fiction is soon to be a reality: enter the self-driving vehicle. […]

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