Summer is finally upon us, and while it may be great for your soul, the sun can do a number on your car. Fortunately for you, some of the most common summer car problems can be easily avoided.

Keep tabs on your battery

It’s common to hear that batteries fail most during the winter, but the summer months can also be problematic. High summer temperatures can cause faster evaporation of fluid, zapping life from your battery. This can also lead to corrosive damage that will further affect your car.

Check your coolant systems

Keep your car cool during the summer to ensure that it runs optimally.  Give your air filter a once over as winter conditions can clog up your filter with salt and debris.  Get your coolant and radiator checked out by a professional and consider an oil change, especially if you are planning a road trip.  These checks help ensure that your engine runs cool in the heat. 

Keep your tires in check

Maintaining correct pressure in your tires is also important in the heat. Increased friction coupled with those hot summer days can cause your tires to heat up – this could increase the chance of a blowout. Take preventative measures by properly assessing your tires and double-checking your car’s spare tire, to make sure everything is in working order. Make sure to use a quality air gauge to test your tire pressure, as differences in pressure can be difficult to discern visually.

How do you prevent heat damage to your car? Tell us below in the comments!

And if you need a battery technician in your area, search Yelp.