As cars continue to emulate computers and automotive technology advances, check out four awesome innovations to keep your eye on.

All Things Autonomous

Driverless cars are the future. The only question remaining is when they’ll be the present. For now, automation inside your car means tech features to enhance the driving experience. Several companies are pushing the limits of automation every day. Volvo is working on helping make garbage disposal a task for robots. And Tesla is working towards a world without drivers, but hopefully one that still has a major amount of #CarLove.

Shedding Lbs.

Over the last few years, manufacturers have saddled cars with extra weight. As cars become more complicated, they require more stuff. Or do they? It turns out with new technology and leaner, stronger material like aluminum and glass replacing old versions, cars are lightening up once again. Look for the trend to continue as other companies jump on the slender, trimmer bandwagon. This could produce cars that are nimbler, more fuel-efficient and easier to brake.

Going Through The Motions

Clapping to turn lights on is a novelty that takes a while to wear off. If that’s the case for you, then advancements in cars should definitely excite you. Usually gestures from the driver are made in moments of anger and frustration. Not anymore. A few car companies are including gesture features so drivers can control like their stereo, air conditioning or heating with the mere flick of a finger.


You’ve heard the cliché about having your cake and eating it too. In years past, it was thought that installing a turbocharged engine into a car for the sake of performance meant sacrificing the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. It seems that many cutting edge manufacturers have figured out a way to have their cake and yes, eat it too.

What do you think about the latest auto tech updates? Do you miss the days when cars were simpler? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!