Finding the right RV can be tricky. That’s because the world of RVs spans from budget to luxury and everything in between.

Let’s have a look at four options, alongside some of their most notable features.


Marchi Mobile’s eleMMent Palazzo

This palatial vehicle costs nearly 3 million dollars. In the technical sense of the word, it’s still a car. There’s the engine, four wheels and other standard features. But the eleMMent is more, a mansion on wheels. There’s a kitchen, master bedroom – featuring a en suite bath with rainfall shower head – expansive retractable roof-deck and exclusive bar area. Its 430 square foot floor plan makes for an unforgettable dream vacation. It’s a car, a home and an emphatic road statement.

The Airstream Interstate Ground Tour EXT

In May 2015, Forbes highlighted this Class B motorhome. The Interstate Grand Tour is powered by a turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 diesel engine. This RV offers state-of-the-art navigation, blind-spot detection, lane departure alerts, electronic stability control and other preventive systems aimed to avoid trouble on the road. And it’s not an RV if you can’t catch a little shuteye onboard. The cabin of the Interstate Grand Tour boasts reclining sofas and a king-sized bed. There’s a kitchen stovetop with sink as well as that all-important road-trip amenity – a bathroom.

Winnebago Travato

The 2015 Winnebago Travato falls into a less expensive category of RVs. It’s cheaper than the Airstream Interstate Ground Tour EXT, but still impressive. It has enough room for four sleeping passengers. There’s a 22” HDTV, kitchen and bed. Smaller than some of the more extravagant RVs on the market, the Winnebago is still big enough for a typical family. Favoring practicality over excess, this is the quintessential American RV – homey above everything else.

The Jucy Campervan

On the other end of the spectrum, there’s the Jucy Campervan. This is a financially savvy rental option when contrasted with standard rental cars. More fuel efficient and much smaller than the average RV, it’s easy to immediately feel at home in the driver’s seat. Parking an RV can also be a challenge. But given its reasonable dimensions, the Jucy makes this task infinitely easier. Those wanting to split the difference between RVs and SUVs will likely appreciate this option.  What the Jucy lacks in size and road presence, it more than makes up for in intimacy.

These four examples give you a quick indication of the wide range of options available within the world of Recreational Vehicles. But whichever end of the spectrum you choose to go with, RVs present drivers and passengers alike with a unique road experience.