Vehicle Care

Half of Drivers Paid Costly Repair Bills Last Year. Here’s How You Can Avoid the Expense

Say your car has a huge problem on your way to work one day. Smoke is coming out of the tailpipe. The engine overheats. You’re left with no choice but to have it towed to a garage, where a mechanic disassembles a portion of your engine and discovers the problem: a blown head gasket. Sounds […]

Vehicle Care

Top 5 Reasons a Vehicle Service Contract Could Be Right For You

A vehicle service contract is a great option to increase peace of mind on the road and help protect your wallet from surprise vehicle repair bills. This type of coverage, which is like an extended warranty on your vehicle, helps to cover the cost of unexpected vehicle repairs and get you back on the road […]

Vehicle Care

The Fading Art of the Bumper Sticker

Although they still linger on the corners of the bumpers of a few cars, the heydays of bumper stickers have faded, likely due to the dwindling popularity of the traditional, exposed bumper itself. Let’s explore the sticky history of the bumper sticker. The Beginning Of Bumpers Which came first: the bumper or the sticker? The […]

Vehicle Care

Automotive Flair with Function: Popular Car Features That Matter

When automobiles first hit the roads, they were, for all intents and purposes, exclusively for function. But as they grew in popularity and became more stable, the automotive industry began exploring new looks, expanding styles, and above all, adding some serious flair. As these elements of style were added, their functionality came into question. Today, […]

Vehicle Care

Road Rookies: Teen Driving Tips To Keep Them Safe

It happened. Your little one grew up. Hard to believe, right? Feels like the “diaper days” were only yesterday. And since kids don’t stay young forever, adulthood commences at the terrifying moment your passengers become…drivers. But before they do, parents still hold the cards. In this case, the keys. Here’s some extremely important advice if […]

Vehicle Care

Car Cleaning Tips: How to Get and Keep Your Car Clean This Spring

Many of us live a significant portion of our lives in the car, so we might as well consider it a mobile living room. Except it’s a living room that comes in constant contact with the germs and grit of the outside world. When considered as an extension of your home, you’d hope it would […]

Vehicle Care

How to Build a Car Care Calendar

For many of us, our vehicles are essential to making it through each day. Building a regular car maintenance schedule with your dealership can help to detect and prevent vehicle issues that could be dangerous, and expensive to repair, later down the road. To get started, use our recommended maintenance schedule below as a guide. […]

Vehicle Care

Winter Driving Tips: Best Car Types for Snow

Few of us enjoy driving through the snow. Unfortunately there are situations and regions of the country that make it unavoidable. Here are a few things to look for in new models when braving our frostiest season. Let’s help ease your winter commute. Skip Rear-Wheel Drive Because of the handling associated with rear-wheel drive (RWD), […]

Vehicle Care

Tread Lightly

Despite the fact that wheels and tires are essential to a car’s stability, many drivers don’t give them a second thought. With winter here, it’s a good time to take a look and understand simple things to incorporate into your driving routine. But before diving in, here are some basics about tires. Tire Types                      • […]

Vehicle Care

10 Essential Items to Keep in Your Car Emergency Kit

You never know when a car emergency kit will come in handy. And that’s exactly why clever car owners never drive without one. Here are ten essential items that belong inside your vehicle. First Aid Kit Even something as small as a paper cut can become a big nuisance in the car. That’s why first aid […]

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