Few of us enjoy driving through the snow. Unfortunately there are situations and regions of the country that make it unavoidable. Here are a few things to look for in new models when braving our frostiest season. Let’s help ease your winter commute.

Skip Rear-Wheel Drive

Because of the handling associated with rear-wheel drive (RWD), it has long been the staple of luxury and sports cars. However, it handles much worse after a snowfall. Many top cars are opting for all-wheel drive to attract car owners that want sportiness without all the associated drawbacks. Like leaving it in the garage during the cold months and hoping for a short winter. We bet you enjoy driving all year round.

Sometimes Bigger Is Better

While not always the cheapest solution to finding the best winter vehicle, SUVs and larger trucks typically perform better in adverse weather conditions. The extra weight gives drivers more control, traction and greater balance than other vehicles.

Pick Up Snow Tires

If SUVs are just not your thing, you can always switch to snow tires for optimal traction. Take a look at our 2015 blog that details the basics of car tires. It could be helpful when shopping or prepping your car for the next season. [link to 2015 tire blog]

Winter Sports

How a car performs is definitely important, but it shouldn’t be all you consider. Luggage space and room for a roof rack are essential for many winter recreations like skiing and snowboarding.

Parking Is Still Your Best Bet

There is no technology that totally eliminates the risks of winter driving. That’s why the safest choice during a blizzard is loading up on hot cocoa and waiting things out by the fire.

What are you driving habits during winter? With one month left to go, how are you getting through the season on the road? Share any thoughts below!