Which is Better – High Salary or High Savings?

What do you think makes you happier: The amount you earn, or the amount you save? According to the “Ally Bank Money-and-Happiness Survey,” putting money in the bank can have a greater effect on your happiness than making a lot of it. Check out the infographic below for a closer look at how saving money […]


Investing in Your Professional Development

Whether you’re taking classes, attending seminars, catching a lecture or just reading a book, growing your professional skillset can give you a marked return on investment. Not only can you become a more valued employee, you can wind up being a better paid one too. “Ask your boss what core skill sets they’re interested in […]


Worth It or Not: Investing in Advanced Education Degrees

There’s no doubt that postgraduate degrees can enrich your knowledge. Professionally, these degrees often add a level of expertise to your skillset that can help you achieve two things: a higher salary and an expanded set of career options. But that doesn’t mean that advanced degrees make sense for everyone, especially when you consider how […]


Using LinkedIn to Advance Your Career [VIDEO] Financial Etiquette: Workplace Edition

You’ve probably connected with all sorts of people on LinkedIn — colleagues you’ve worked with for years, professional acquaintances and even people you barely know. But what matters most: the quantity of connections in your LinkedIn network or the quality? What’s the best way to connect with people who could give your career a significant […]


How (and When) to Leave a Job Properly [VIDEO] Financial Etiquette: Workplace Edition

One of the most exciting moments in anyone’s career is getting a new job offer. How you handle the offer is, of course, one of the most important. How do you know if the offer is right for you? If you take it, how do you tell your current boss and colleagues? Do you have […]


The Right Way to Ask for a Raise [VIDEO] Financial Etiquette: Workplace Edition

When it comes to talking about money in the office, few topics are as important – or as potentially risky – as salaries. Is it ever appropriate to ask colleagues what they make? Who can help you find out if you’re making a competitive salary? What’s the best way to ask for a raise? In […]


Respecting the Company Dime [VIDEO] Financial Etiquette: Workplace Edition

Whether you’re booking a last minute flight to a meeting or taking clients out to dinner, you often have to spend on behalf of your company. Which is why most employers have policies that make clear how much of the “company dime” an employee may spend. But even if your company has a clear expense […]


Doing Personal Business on Company Time [VIDEO] Financial Etiquette: Workplace Edition

Whether you’re scheduling a doctor’s appointment, paying a bill online or chatting with a customer service rep, it’s never been easier – or more tempting – to take care of personal business at work. Even though most of these personal tasks don’t take up a lot of time, it’s important to remember that company time […]


Tuesday, October 1st – Live TweetChat: Minding Your Money Manners at Work

Money issues can be touchy in the workplace. Whether it involves contributing your own money to office celebrations, treating clients to dinner or conducting personal business at work, you want to make the best moves for your career. If you’d like to master financial etiquette in your workplace, join Ally Bank and LinkedIn’s career expert […]


Celebrations and Gifts in the Office [VIDEO] Financial Etiquette: Workplace Edition

Birthdays, weddings, new babies, retirements. It can feel like there is always something to celebrate in the workplace. But are you obligated to put money toward a gift for Jane’s new baby? And who should pick up the tab for lunch on Jack’s last day before retirement? In the second installment of “Financial Etiquette: Workplace […]

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