Education Past Graduation: Post College Finance Tips

The four college years sure go by in a hurry. It’s a time that bridges the gap between adolescence and adulthood. So if you searched in vain for your mortarboard, after tossing it to the clouds in a fit of joy, worry not: this blog’s for you. While you may have a diploma, your education […]


Smart Saving Accounts for College Students

Unbeknownst to some parents, the practice of depositing money into a savings account for a child can deliver a positive financial message they carry with them into adulthood. A 2013 study by Professor William Elliott at the University of Kansas found that having a savings account established in a child’s name is associated with higher […]


Kids and Money, Part 2: Explaining the Basics to Teenagers

Teenagers and money. The two go hand in hand, and if you have a teenager living in your house, chances are you've had more than a few conversations about money. If you want to increase your chances of having a positive and open dialogue about money with your teenager, bring up the subject often and […]


Kids and Money: An Introduction

Teaching your kids about money can be great for you and your children. Your children get to learn valuable lessons about subjects like saving, budgeting, and earning interest, and you get a refresher course on all those important personal finance habits that may have slipped over the years. Financial experts have long lamented that personal […]


How to Help Your Kids Be Financially Literate

It's obvious that financial literacy is important for all of us as adults. But when do we need to start developing financial skills? Experts agree that parents should start teaching kids about money from an early age. Training in financial literacy is all about taking an approach that's appropriate to your child's maturity level and […]


Grandparents’ Gift Guide: Is a 529 College Plan Better Than a CD?

It’s no secret that college costs are soaring, so it makes sense that grandparents and parents might want to help out by starting a college savings account. A 529 college plan, legally known as a qualified tuition plan, is sponsored by a state, state agency, or educational institution. These savings plans can be good options, […]


Kids and Money, Part 1: Explaining the Basics to a Young Child

Financial experts agree that it's good for kids to start learning about money at a young age, but how do you know when to start teaching your kids? There's some debate about that, but it always comes down to what's right for your child’s needs and abilities. If he's a natural Warren Buffet or she's […]


How to Raise Kids With Good Spending Habits

Now more than ever, it's important to teach good spending habits to our kids early on, and teach them the value of money throughout childhood. By modeling good behavior and making the most of teachable moments, you are more likely to raise kids who will have good spending habits now and into adulthood. To begin […]


College Savings: Reduce College Costs With Smart Planning

It's no secret that college costs are rising. Students and families preparing to undertake the financial responsibility that comes with a college education must be resourceful. Funds for college usually come from a variety of sources, including college savings accounts, part-time jobs, financial aid, scholarships and student loans. Student loan borrowers rely on future income […]


Kids and Money, Part 3: Using Envelope Budgeting to Train Them to Save

As a bank that works hard to provide customers with information that leads to better financial decisions, Ally Bank understands how important it is to find a budgeting system that works. If you're a parent looking for a way to teach your kids about money, consider "envelope budgeting." Envelope budgeting is an easy way to […]

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