Financial Aid Awareness Month: Paying for College

The burden of paying for college is a source of stress for many students and their parents as the cost of tuition continues to climb at a staggering rate of 8% per year. The College Board reports the average yearly cost of a private four-year college is $42,419 — up 60% from 10 years ago. […]


Lifelong Learning: College Town Retirement Living

With the baby boomer generation reaching retirement age, the notion of retirement is shifting. A number of boomers are turning away from the traditional idea of retirement as an endless vacation in age-restricted Sunbelt communities. Instead, boomers are seeking a more engaging lifestyle where they can be physically and mentally stimulated, with little desire to […]


The Opportunity Cost of Internships for Your College Student

Students and new graduates will soon inundate workplaces for summer internships. In addition to a college education, internships provide practical work experience, help to ease the transition from being a student to entering the workforce, and are essential for future graduates to stand out in a tough job market. In fact, employers cited internship experience […]


Facts of Life – Financial Literacy for College Students

While a higher education may be one of the single most important investments a person can make in their future, the ability to manage personal finances has become essential to individual security and increasingly necessary in today’s society. Yet, financial education often falls through the cracks. A recent survey by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority […]


Behind the Scenes with Kiplinger: Find a College That Fits Your Finances [Video]

According to, since 1976, the cost of college has risen at two to three times the rate of inflation and faster than increases in income for most families. Facing shrunken savings and a static job market, due to in part to the Great Recession, parents and students are making some trade-offs when selecting and […]


6 Financial Tips for College Students

Are you sending a son or daughter off to school this fall? In addition to a goodbye hug and a care package, you might also want to think about arming your children with some information about how to manage their money effectively. Many of the financial decisions they make over the course of the next […]


Summer Trips to Enrich Your New Graduate

For both high school and college graduates, the summer after graduation is a special one. Some parents choose to reward their child with a vacation that allows them to finally relax after years of hard work. But other families may decide that a volunteer vacation — one that mixes the pleasures of travel with philanthropy […]


Tuesday, June 18th – Live TweetChat: Teaching Grads About The ‘Real World’

There are some life lessons your kids just pick up themselves. Others, though, may best come from you — including how to handle personal finance in adulthood. The key is knowing what to teach them. To learn more on how to give your young grad a leg up on spending and saving after commencement, join […]


Teaching Your College Graduate About Retirement Saving

Is someone in your life graduating college in the coming weeks? If so, one of the best gifts you can give them — other than a celebratory dinner and a little bit of cash — may be good advice. Specifically, you may want to explain why beginning retirement planning right after graduation is a smart […]


Savings Talk: Jon W. Tarrant Talks About How to Financially Prepare for College

A recent College Board study found that the average overall cost to attend an in-state public college for the 2012-2013 academic year rose 3.8 percent to a record $22,261, according to a report by CNN. The news network also notes that Sandy Baum, an economist and lead author of the report, predicts tuition will continue […]

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