We Need to Talk… About Money

Having a hard time discussing money? You’re not alone. For many Americans, it can seem like it’s harder to discuss money than it is to talk about death. We need to get over this taboo. Why? Because whether you’re part of a couple, on your own, raising kids, or caring for aging parents, you – […]


Be a Good Financial Role Model and Turn Your Kids into Savers

Responsible financial management is not innate. Most kids aren’t born savers and some can struggle with the concept of deferred gratification. It can take real dedication to invest for the future (for adults and children alike) particularly when there are so many distractions at hand. If you have children of your own or spend time […]


Motivating Teenagers to Save Money

How to motivate teenagers to save Motivating teenagers to do something—anything—isn’t always easy. But when it comes to saving money, it can be well worth the effort. Not only can you help them put funds aside for that proverbial rainy day, but you can help them build sound financial habits that can last a lifetime. […]


FAQ: How Can I Convince My Kids That Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees?

Parents often say that their children don't understand the real value of money. And often they're right. But once you've identified the problem, the next challenge is teaching kids the rules of responsible money management One approach is to have your children participate in paying for the toys, games, or other things they want. You […]


The Cost of Owning a Pet in America

Every year, people in America adopt more dogs than the previous year. With the number of puppy owners steadily on the rise, let’s explore just how good a dog’s world is for the economy. Discover how much it costs to be a dog lover, from food bowls to vet fees.  


Crunching the Numbers on a Veggie Diet

Some of the best vegetables are in season in the peak summer months. Whether eating in or dining out, adding a few more veggies to your summer diet can be good news for your summer wallet. With numbers like these, going greener might mean a lot more green in your savings.


How to Plan a Stress-Free Staycation This Summer

In this digital era, it can seem like we’re always on the clock. With web-conferencing and smartphones, many of us can work anywhere, any time of the day—but sometimes enough is enough! If you’re one of many US employees who doesn’t take full advantage of their paid time off, what are you waiting for? You can […]


What To Do After Divorce: 4 Ways to Move On from Divorce

You don’t plan on getting divorced. But as many Americans know, through the natural course of events sometimes it happens anyway. We’re here to say, “that’s all right.” Because such a large number of people have gone through it and will experience it in the years to come, we believe it’s best to not ignore […]


How to Plan for a Baby – Advice for New Parents

Once a baby enters the world, parents want to freeze the moment in time. But like everything else, life goes on. After that first instant of exaltation in the delivery room fades, reality comes immediately into focus. Here are several financial tips for new parents. Health Insurance Your family just got larger, even if it […]


Marriage and Money: Tips to Make Newlywed Finances Simple

Whether it’s the bride, groom or dreaded parental expectations – most weddings are expensive. Still, no one should walk down the aisle with finances on the brain. We think that should happen a few days after the Honeymoon. Here’s to the happy couple staying on the financial up and up. Joint Goals Set all financial […]

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