Mother’s Day Ideas: Ways to Show You Care

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and this year’s spending for the holiday is expected to hit $18.6 billion, according to The Street. They point to a figure in an annual Mother’s Day survey that states people will spend an average of $152.52 on their mom this year, an 8 percent bump in spending from last […]


Your Children’s Allowance: Teaching Your Kids About Money

Here on the Straight Talk blog, we often talk about the importance of teaching your children about money. We know that doing so can be difficult; after all, many adults are still mastering the art of fiscal responsibility, which can make it difficult for them to pass lessons on to their kids. And even if […]


5 Financial Topics to Discuss With Your Aging Parents

Your parents did the best they could to teach you how to count your pennies and, more importantly, how to save them. If they’ve reached retirement age, there’s a good chance you could now offer them a few good tips on handling their personal finances. Improving your aging parents’ financial literacy can feel awkward, especially […]


Savings Talk: Talking to Your Kids About the Value of Money

As tough as it is to have conversations about finances, it can be even tougher to have those conversations with your kids. Sometimes, it seems they want to buy everything in sight – and who could blame them? There’s a reason why people compare spending cravings to feeling “like a kid in a candy shop.” […]


Ally Bank Looks at Great Reasons to Cook at Home

When we think of reasons to cook at home, saving money is often a motivator. But home cooking is much more than a good money-saving tactic — it’s got a range of great benefits, regardless of your budget. For starters, you might make better dining choices at home than you do at restaurants — and […]


Ally Bank Talks to Daniel McCullough of LifeTuner

Talking to your children about money is something every parent should do. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know where to start. The ins and outs of personal finance can be hard enough for adults to fully understand — and it’s even tougher to pass on that knowledge to children., a division of the […]


Ally Bank Helps You Head Back to School

For many of us, the end of summer will always call to mind one thing: back-to-school. For those of us stuck anywhere between kindergarten and a Ph.D, it will mean it’s time to hit the books again. And for those whose formal education is a thing of a past, this time of year might signify […]


The Importance of Discussing Finances With Your Family

Up until the recent financial crisis, money was considered one of the last conversational taboos. While a nationwide shift in the way people think about their finances has helped change this, experts are still stressing that an open and straightforward attitude about one’s finances is a healthy thing to have. Not only can it help […]


Ally Bank Offers Moms Money Saving Tips

Mothers can take charge of the household finances by doing things like making sure they have an equal say in household finances or teaching their kids about money. But what about practical ways moms can save money on everyday purchases? Being a mom means constantly being on the go, which means you need financial solutions […]


Teaching Your Kids About Savings

Our friends over at wrote an article featuring a novel idea on how to teach your kids about money: start a bank! While we’re hardly advocating creating any undue competition for yours truly, writer Matthew Amster-Burton talks about teaching his young daughter the importance of saving by starting up his own “bank.” After he […]

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