What is a Traditional IRA: Everything to know

Many of us don’t think of saving for retirement often and, if you’re young, it may not even be on your radar at all. However, the earlier you start, the more potential you have for your money to grow, and you can acquire some pretty solid financial habits along the way. There are many different […]


What is a self-directed IRA? Everything you need to know

If you have an appetite for risk and you don’t necessarily want to follow the crowd when investing, you may want to consider a self-directed IRA (SDIRA) for retirement purposes. If you’re a savvy investor and think stocks and bonds are monotonous, a SDIRA may appeal to you. Let’s go over some of the rules […]


How to open an IRA: Step-by-step guide

You wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to move from coach to first class, would you? Both seats do the basic job, of course, but you’d probably choose to enjoy a little more comfort while you’re there. After all, an upgrade’s an upgrade. And an individual retirement account (IRA) just might do the same for your […]


IRA withdrawal rules

When you contribute money to an individual retirement account (IRA), you’re putting money away for the future, but if you’re looking for alternatives to investing beyond a 401(k), you might consider a Roth or traditional IRA. You’ll be tapping into your nest egg before you know it, so it’s smart to understand both the traditional […]


What Is a Roth IRA & how does it work?

Here’s the great thing about investing for retirement: You have so many different options! Keep Roth IRAs on your list, because they’re one of the most valuable retirement savings tools available, especially if you start contributing early. Plus, Roth IRAs have some unique characteristics that set them apart from traditional IRAs. Don’t miss the boat […]


Roth IRA vs. Traditional IRA

IRAs­ can be valuable to your overall retirement plan due to their tax advantages. For the most part, all you need is taxable income to get started. So, how do you decide which is best? While there are several types of IRAs, the most common are Roth IRAs and traditional IRAs. The major difference between […]


IRA rollover rules: Everything to know

If moving your retirement funds around makes you a little nervous, that’s normal. With many retirement plans, including IRAs and 401(k)s, you could end up paying unexpected penalties and additional tax if you’re not careful. Understanding a few basic rules and consulting with a tax professional can go a long way in avoiding costly mistakes. […]


What is a SEP IRA and how does it work?

Saving for your future shouldn’t be considered optional. But when it comes to how you save, there are plenty of choices. While most people include an individual retirement account (IRA) among their retirement savings tools, not all IRAs are the same. Here’s one valuable IRA for small businesses: a SEP IRA. Read on to learn […]


What Is an IRA & How Does It Work?

What does “IRA” stand for? IRA stands for “individual retirement account” and that’s exactly what it is — an account that allows you to set aside money for your retirement. Whether you’re putting together a new retirement plan or reevaluating the plan you already have, it pays to consider how the right IRA can factor […]


Roth and Traditional IRA Contribution Limits for 2022

When you first start saving for retirement, you might feel intimidated by all the choices available. Wrapping your head around such a massive goal can also seem intimidating. Take heart: Consistency is most important. One of the initial steps is deciding where to keep your retirement funds and learning about the rules and limits of […]

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