Estate Planning, Part 2: Mapping the Details of Your Estate Plan

Although Ally Bank doesn't offer services specifically designed for estate planning, part of our mission is to provide you with information that helps you make informed financial decisions. Estate planning is an important part of your overall financial health. Details Matter. When you create an estate plan, your goal should be simple: to make your […]


Some Estate Planning Basics

Estate planning isn't the cheeriest subject, so it's no surprise that many Americans don’t even have a will. People may be focused on short-term savings, believe it’s too expensive to hire an attorney, or simply don’t understand the importance of estate planning. Although Ally Bank doesn't offer services specifically designed for estate planning, part of […]


Important Retirement Ages You Need to Know: Retirement Timeline

When one thinks about their retirement, images of lounging poolside while sipping on a tropical beverage often come to mind. But retirement is not all relaxation and leisure. Before reaching this important milestone, there are other benefits occasionally neglected. Here are a few target dates to remember when approaching retirement. 50 When you turn 50, […]


Retirement and Relationships: How to Prepare Your Relationship for Retirement

Retirement is both an exciting and a confusing time. Many aspects of your life are totally rearranged — especially routines, roles, and responsibilities. Add to that spending a lot more time with your partner and the potential for problems skyrockets. When a couple does not talk about their expectations for the big and little areas […]


Longevity Annuities As An Income Stream for Retirement?

The biggest worry about retirement boils down to this – will I outlive my savings?  As lifespans increase, building and managing a nest egg that can sustain a long life can be an overwhelming task. A recent TIAA-CREF survey found that running out of money was the principal concern (45%) for individuals nearing retirement. To […]


401(k) Employer Match: Are You Saving Enough for Retirement?

Tax-advantaged 401(k) plans have provided a means for millions of retirement savers to build a nest egg. A 2013 survey by Aon Hewitt found that 401(k) plans are the primary way workers save for retirement. Yet, Americans are passing up $24 billion dollars of free money annually by not contributing enough to receive a full […]


Cut the Apron Strings to Fulfill Retirement Dreams

Do children influence your ability to retire? The answer depends on how much you support them financially. According to the latest findings from Hearts and Wallets, a research firm that tracks retirement trends, only 21 percent of baby boomers who support adult children are fully retired — while 52 percent of boomers who don’t financially […]


Financial Literacy in Older Adults: The Importance of Financial Planning

Growing older doesn’t mean getting wiser when it comes to financial decision making, according to recent research. At an age when baby boomers are responsible for managing their retirement assets and distributions, and making complicated decisions on Medicare and Social Security, they could also face a decline in their mental performance and financial literacy. Two […]


Retirement Planning Beyond Finances: Are You Emotionally Ready for Retirement?

What do you picture when you imagine your retirement? Maybe you haven’t given it much thought beyond the aspect of solidifying your finances. Or perhaps you have a long list of interests and goals you plan to tackle once you leave the working world. Retirement is the beginning of a new chapter of life and […]


Early 401(k) & IRA Withdrawals Erode Retirement Assets

Did you know millions of Americans are dipping into their retirement accounts prematurely, causing permanent damage to future retirement account balances? According to a new study released by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College (CRR), 1.2 percent of all assets leak out annually, mostly from cash-outs (0.5 percent) and hardship withdrawals (0.3 percent). […]

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