How Small-Business Owners Prepare for Retirement

Small-business owners are having difficulty creating financial plans for their later years. In a February study by the American College, a private institution near Philadelphia, a third of the owners surveyed say they have no pension or retirement savings, and that they’re unsure how they’ll support themselves once they leave the workplace. Many small-business owners […]


IRAs Offer Stability in Uncertain Times

No two roads to retirement are exactly alike. But more and more, IRAs are becoming a popular way to save for the years ahead. Many of us find that IRAs give us a level of security that’s imperative for a strong retirement plan. And with so many working adults unsure about the finer points of […]


Julia of Tells Us About Her Retirement Plans

For our final piece on the retirement plans of some of our favorite influencers, we turned to Julia Scott, the founder of Julia packs her site with a slew of helpful financial tips ranging from deal round-ups to tax insights. She took some time to tell us about the person who got her started […]


The Roth IRAs Big Advantage

No two retirement plans are the same. And that’s a good thing. Any financial plan, retirement-based or otherwise, should suit your lifestyle and goals. But many experts agree on one thing: IRAs are great vehicles for saving for retirement. But do you need a Roth IRA or a traditional IRA? If you’re not sure which […]


Ally Bank Talks to Ken from Deposit Accounts About His Retirement Plans

Ken Tumin is the founder of and a primary contributor to, an online hotspot for banking news and reviews. Like the other bloggers we’ve talked to for our series on bloggers’ retirement plans, Ken regards his site as an educational resource to help people make wise financial decisions. We caught up with Ken and […]


Ally Bank Talks to Philip Taylor of PT Money About His Retirement Strategy

Retirement planning is something we discuss a lot here on the Straight Talk Blog. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be talking to some of our favorite personal-finance bloggers about how they’re preparing for retirement. We’ve already spoken with Meg Favreau of Wise Bread, and today we’ll hear from Philip Taylor of PT Money. Taylor, […]


Ally Bank Talks to Meg Favreau of WiseBread About Her Retirement Planning

One of the great things about the financial blogger community is that its members work hard to educate consumers. Whether they’re writing about how to manage your 401(k) or surveying the nation’s thoughts on retirement, they’re often a wellspring of ideas about money and saving. The typical financial blogger would probably say that saving for […]


Giving Financial Assistance to Your Retirement-Aged Parents

Family conversations about money often times involve the parents educating their children about money. But for some of us, there comes a day when these traditional roles are reversed, and the adult children find themselves helping their parents figure out their finances. AOL’s DailyFinance looks at what to do if you find yourself needing to […]


5 Things You Need to Know If You’re Getting a Late Start on Retirement Saving

A study released earlier this year claimed that roughly 34 percent of Americans have nothing saved for retirement. That number has increased since 2009, when the rate was just 30 percent. In an uncertain economic climate, some of us put retirement planning on the back burner. But doing that can be quite costly, especially when […]


Five Expenses That Can Derail Your Retirement Savings

Saving for retirement takes time, planning and commitment. So when you finally get where you need to be, you want to make sure you’re not engaging in any behavior that could be considered a financial setback. Sonia Stinson of has a piece on Yahoo! Finance about expenses that can derail your retirement savings. Stinson […]

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