When it comes to making purchases in winter, you may find yourself focusing on holiday gifts. But winter provides a great opportunity to purchase a variety of items at a lower price than usual, as our latest infographic shows.


1. Wedding dresses, golf clubs and video games

Consumers should shop with the knowledge that there’s a season for everything, even retail items. Wedding dresses and golf clubs are in greater demand during the warmer months, so the early days of winter often find these items offered at steep discounts.

And as with wedding fashions, video-game makers in the winter turn their attention to the next year’s lineup, so they usually want to move their remaining products as quickly as possible. This can translate to great deals for those who are willing to look around for them.

2. Champagne and computers

Computers and other electronics are almost always offered at reduced prices during the holidays, alleviating some of the anxiety people have toward giving a bigger gift. And of course, it wouldn’t be the holidays without a bit of bubbly. Many stores offer great deals on champagne, so it might be wise to stock up in December for those springtime brunches.

Have you had success buying a computer, golf clubs, or a wedding dress at a reduced price during the month of December? Are there other items you notice get cheaper this time of year?