Does Social Media Affect Your Finances?

You’re scrolling through Facebook or Instagram when you spot a photo of a friend sporting a new stylish watch you just have to have. Before you know it, you’re on the retailer’s site, entering your credit card details and awaiting your own fabulous timepiece. Keeping up with Joneses has always had a negative impact on […]


Money Confessions From Real-Life Savers—and How to Avoid These Common Setbacks

Despite setting a budget, do you find yourself overspending?  Think: last minute getaways, daily acai bowls, that $250 pair of shoes that you really don’t need but… While we’ve all made an impulse purchase or overspent, some of us are more willing to admit it than others. Once you realize where you struggle, though, you […]

Finance Basics

Who First Taught You About Money? Lessons Learned from Real-Life Savers

Life is full of a lot of firsts. Your first car. The first time you traveled abroad. And who can forget their first love? But what about your first “financial advisor?” This person is probably not even a professional financial advisor. And depending on who it is, he or she may or may not hold […]


Yay or Nay: Using Your Credit Card to Pay Bills for Rewards

Paying your bills with your credit card may seem like a quick and easy way to rack up a boatload of points or cash back towards your next getaway (a cruise, perhaps?). But using a credit card for monthly bills could also put you on the road to accumulating a mountain of interest charges. So […]

Finance Basics

Savings by Age: How Much to Save in Your 20s, 30s, 40s, and Beyond

As a popular song from the 90s declares, age ain’t nothing but a number. But as it turns out, age is also a good guidepost when calculating how much money you should save for various life events. That’s because aiming for an ideal amount to set aside (or verifying that your super saver tendencies have […]


How to Talk Finances With Your Fiancé Without Freaking Out

When you’re getting ready to head down the aisle, finances can be the furthest thing from your mind. Before you say “I do,” however, it’s imperative to get on the same page about how you and your spouse will approach spending, investments, debt, and budgeting as a wedded couple. And perhaps for sound reason: in […]

Finance Basics

5 Priceless Money Lessons From Real-Life Dads

When was the last time your kids heard a store cashier ask, “cash or credit?” In today’s ever-increasingly cashless society, it feels like actual dollars and cents have gone the way of the dodo. Whether you’re in the checkout line at a big-box retailer, grabbing a snack from a vending machine, or even reserving your […]


4 Steps to Make Filing Your Taxes Easier

Tax season is here, and the deadline is quickly approaching. This year, tax day is April 17, 2018. If you haven’t submitted yet, consider the four steps below to help simplify the process of filing your taxes. 1. Get Your Documents in Order You might have elected to receive your tax documents electronically, or you […]


How to Use Your Bank Account to Help Raise Your Credit Score

A credit score is a simple yet powerful three-digit number. Don’t fret if your credit score currently needs a facelift because I can help you. How? Your bank accounts can be one of many tools that play a supporting role in boosting your credit health. Regular banking activity like making deposits and putting money into […]

Finance Basics

Turn Spring Cleaning into Charitable Giving

We’re not exactly sure why springtime inspires us to start cleaning and decluttering. But, we’re grateful for the motivation in any case. It can be bittersweet to let some of your belongings go, but we think it’s worth the sentimental struggle to be liberated from clutter. Plus, if you’re able to find a charitable organization […]

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