Holiday Hangover: How to Detox Your Spending in the New Year

The ball has dropped, the New Year’s Eve confetti has been cleaned up, and now it’s time to face the repercussions of the holiday season. Your spending may have started as a little bit here for an office gift, a little bit there for a holiday party outfit, and finally, a splurge on a celebratory […]

Finance Basics

What Your Investment Portfolio and Thanksgiving Dinner Have in Common

Thanksgiving: The one day of the year it’s perfectly acceptable to indulge in all of your favorite dishes. But if you overdo it on turkey or take a risk on that interesting looking mushroom dish, you might miss your chance on apple pie. So, what’s your strategy when picking which dishes to dive into? In […]


Best Ways to Save: How Much You Need for Your Kids’ Extracurricular Activities

From the moment your kids were born, you’ve skimped, saved, and sacrificed to provide as much as possible, even focusing on saving for their college education or teaching them to be mindful of their own money management. But childrearing costs go beyond diapers, growing appetites, and clothes that seem to last only a few weeks. […]


Savings Guide: How to Grow Your Savings with 4 Easy Steps

Oh, the places you can save your money! There’s no end to the number of creative ways to squirrel away savings: tucked under a mattress, buried in the backyard, sewn into a sofa, or stashed inside an old stuffed animal. No doubt, you’d probably need a map to ever find your money again, but there’s […]

Finance Basics

Top 6 Financial Fears and How to Overcome Them

Whether you’re in it for the costumes or the candy, everyone gets spooked at some point on Halloween. But deep down, you know the trick-or-treat night frights are rooted in fun, and come November 1st, the goblin masks and mad scientist wigs will be put away for another year. The same can’t always be said […]


Have a Holly, Jolly Budget: A Guide to Saving for the Holidays

While it might feel premature when stores start hauling out holiday decorations in the middle of August, it’s never too early to create a budget and savings plan for the winter shopping season. The average American spends almost $850 on gifts during the holiday season, with millennials spending the most ($1,034). Once you factor in […]

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Bad Money Habits: Stop Overspending on Subscriptions

Bad habits. We all have them. And while some are relatively harmless (biting your nails, snapping your gum), others aren’t so benign. For instance, if you’re in the habit of setting and forgetting subscription services (like video and music streaming, weekly meal kits, or endless others), your habit can lead to serious consequences. That’s why […]

Finance Basics

Sprints or Marathons: How Do You Run Your Money?

When it comes to managing personal finances, we generally see two types of people: those who treat money like a sprint and those who treat it like a marathon. The sprint mentality encourages you to focus on one financial goal at a time — it’s especially trendy now, as we see more articles like “How […]


How to Start Saving for Your Dream Home

Even if you’re a “live in the moment” type of person, you’ve probably given some thought to what you want to accomplish in the future and how you’re going to pay for it. Whether you’re building out a one, five, or 10-year plan to guide you through the next decade, there’s a chance that buying […]

Finance Basics

Make the Most of Your FDIC Insurance Coverage

Insuring your home, health , and cars just makes sense. You want to protect what’s important to you (or what’s expensive to replace). So why would you not protect your money, too? That’s where the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) comes in. The FDIC was created in 1933 during the Great Depression as a way […]

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