Finance Basics

Find Financial Well-Being Through Hygge

Have you heard of hygge? It’s a Danish concept (derived from the Old Norse term for “comfort”) of coziness and contentment that grew majorly popular in the U.S. back in 2016. The Danes practice implementing hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) in multiple facets of their lives. (Maybe that’s why they’re known as one of the happiest countries […]

Finance Basics

Financial Literacy Is for Everyone: Start Here

That due date on your credit-card bill? You know you should submit your payment before it, but you rarely do. And you’ve heard from your parents, your best friend, and the financial pro you saw on a television program that creating a budget would help you better manage your money. Yet you tend to have […]


The End of the Overspend: How to Create a Budget and Stick to It

College diploma? Check. Official job and title? Check. Regular income? Check. Now that you’ve got a steady stream of paychecks, your next question is: What to do with the cash? New furniture for your new digs, a work-appropriate wardrobe, weekly fancy dinners out, or even a trek across Europe (once you accrue those vacation days, […]

Finance Basics

Listen Up! 14 Financial Podcasts You Need to Listen to Now

Podcasts are all the rage these days, especially with millennials and Gen Z. They’re a go-to source for news and entertainment — but they can also be a great form of financial education. We’re guessing your podcast queue is already quite full, but if you can, you might consider finding room to squeeze in one […]


Savings 101: How to Save Money

Ah, financial freedom. Who doesn’t like the sound of that? But start thinking about what that takes, and you might be tempted to bury your head under the covers and hit snooze (again). But it doesn’t have to be that way. Financial freedom is simply the ability to make your own decisions about where your […]

Finance Basics

Should You Pay off Debt or Save First?

With diploma in hand and a B.A. or B.S. added to your LinkedIn profile, you’ve graduated from late nights spent cramming at the library (right…) and hitting up the dining hall’s cereal bar for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Now it’s time to start living IRL. When it comes to your money, one of the biggest […]

Finance Basics

Financial Advice from the Founding Fathers

More than 240 years after they signed the Declaration of Independence, America’s founding fathers continue to teach us about life, liberty and … finance? That’s right. It turns out that some of today’s wisest financial advice continues to come from those who laid the groundwork for our great nation. Here’s what America’s founding fathers have […]

Finance Basics

Your Net Worth: A Snapshot of Your Personal Finance Health

You might think that net worth applies only to billionaires on the Forbes 400 list. But even if you don’t have the wealth of a Bezos, a Beyoncé, or a Buffet, net worth is an important financial measurement to know. And calculating yours can help you get a better sense of your overall financial health. […]


How to Make a Big Impact in the Community Without Writing a Big Check

It’s a terrible feeling when you grab your wallet in hopes to donate to the bell-ringing Salvation Army Santa at your local grocery store or to the food pantry collection box at work only to realize you don’t have the extra cash to drop in. When it comes to charitable donations, it can be disheartening […]

Finance Basics

FDIC vs. SIPC: Protecting Your Money

Navigating and truly understanding the world of finance can be challenging. Aside from deciding where to put your money, there’s the added puzzle of trying to decode what all those darn acronyms mean. From IRA and ETF to APR versus APY and the NYSE (if you’re not familiar, that’s the New York Stock Exchange), it’s […]

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