Shop Smart and Save: Time Your Big Purchases Right with This Calendar

It’s no secret that certain days each year are prime for shopping — ahem, Amazon Prime day, for one. You’ve probably even held off on a purchase before so you could snag it at a discount with a Cyber Monday deal or a Labor Day blowout sale. But while specific days like those make it […]


Smart and Stress-Free Holiday Décor Ideas

Holiday cheer is sure to be in high demand this year … but not the kind that puts lots of pressure on your wallet. When it comes to decking the halls, festive, frugal, and fun is the name of the game. Whether you’re into DIY decorations, handmade holiday décor, or creative winter ideas, a little […]


6 Easy Ways to Find the Best Deals Online

We know it’s tough to resist a good sale. What’s even tougher? Seeing something you already bought … for a better price somewhere else. This winter shopping season, we’re going to help you stay within your holiday budget and avoid the disappointment of a missing out on a good (sale) opportunity. Instead of choosing to […]


5 Steps to a Holiday Budget You Can Stick With

Crisp morning air, warm pumpkin spiced lattes, and ads for holiday deals playing on TV — fall is here, which means now is a great time to start planning your expenses for the upcoming months of winter festivities. By mapping out your budget ahead of time, you can keep your spending in check as spooky […]


Seeing Is Believing: Use These 7 Visualization Techniques to Help Grow Your Savings

Studies have shown how athletes use visualization to push their bodies and break records. And picturing themselves doing something has also helped people recovering from strokes regain movement in their limbs. The mind-body connection is a very powerful tool. Writing out your budget and savings goals each month may feel like a chore, but visualizing […]

Finance Basics

The Basics of Financial Planning: A Checklist to Get You Started

What do you picture yourself doing in one year? What about five or 10? 30? Maybe you see yourself running a marathon, climbing up the ladder at your job, or mastering a new language. Whatever your goals may be, you probably need a road map — a plan of action — to achieve them. Financial […]

Finance Basics

Katie Couric Interviews Lule Demmissie: Why We’re at a Turning Point in Closing the Racial Wealth Gap

Economic mobility is the ability of someone to change their income or wealth, but for Black communities, a lack of resources is a huge barrier in closing the wealth gap. Typical Black households earn a fraction of white households — just 59 cents for every dollar. And over time, the gap has grown, building on […]

Finance Basics

20 Minutes (or Less) to a Better Financial You

We all know that time is often a precious resource. So much to do, so little time! Though our financial wellbeing is something that we all strive to prioritize. Fortunately, improving your financial life doesn’t have to be time-consuming or overly complicated. The 10 tasks below usually take around 20 minutes or less, but can […]


How to Save for Multiple Goals

Saving money can be as easy to avoid as scheduling your next dentist appointment. It’s something that might not have any effect in the moment, but when you start to have a painful toothache (or you need to make a down payment on a car), you’ll want it immediately. Your life is filled with dreams, […]


401(k) Withdrawals: What to Know Before Making One

It takes times, patience, and consistency to build retirement savings. As you regularly contribute and invest for years (even decades!), you gradually build wealth intended for those golden years. But sometimes, the reality of life right now may stop you in your tracks — and the money you’ve been stashing away for the future can […]

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