Once you start looking around, you’ll see lessons about money everywhere — even on TV. Here, personal finance bloggers call out four TV shows that can teach you lessons about money.

“Income Property”

Real estate-themed TV shows are often popular because they let viewers live out home-buying fantasies. But HGTV’s “Income Property — a favorite of financial blog Free Money Finance — takes it a step further: each episode focuses on a home with a section that’s designed to generate rental income but needs some sprucing up. “Income Property” details two financial strategies at once: increasing both your home’s value and your income.


“Taking Stock”

If you enjoy being clued in to the latest investment trends, Money Crashers blogger Mark Riddix recommends Taking Stock,” Bloomberg TV’s interview show hosted by Pimm Fox. Riddix appreciates the show’s low-decibel, low-key, adult financial chatter for teaching viewers about valuing a stock. If you’re looking to learn on the go, “Taking Stock” also comes in a podcast version.

“Pawn Stars”

Pawn Stars,” a reality show on the History Channel, follows the Harrison clan and their pawnshop in Las Vegas. But much of the show centers on the cast of characters who stop by the shop to get money for potentially valuable items, which earned it a spot on Free Money Finance’s list of shows with personal-finance lessons. He says the show has helped him teach his children the importance of knowing how to negotiate, and the difference between wholesale and retail prices.

Do you watch any of shows on this list? What’s your favorite TV show that offers good lessons about personal finance?