Budget Smart: How to Stick To a Budget

Ringing in the New Year is now a distant memory. Winter is nearly over, another season awaits, and resolutions made in high spirits at the end of 2015 may have already fallen by the wayside. We’re here to help. There’s no need to give up just yet. It’s perfectly understandable if you started 2016 a […]


A Taxing Season: Say No To Procrastination

To procrastinators, April 18th is a long way off. Yet every year tax season sneaks up on them. Thankfully, there’s still time left. There’s no need to wait until the last minute again. But even with one extra day for the leap year, February remains the shortest month. The panic of April 17th is quickly […]


Added Bonus: What to Do With a Bonus

If you’re still sitting on your holiday bonus, then here are a few ideas for how to spend and save wisely. You worked hard to get the bonus – so don’t spend it all at once. However, just because saving is prudent, it doesn’t mean that you can’t put some of it towards a little […]


How to Make New Year’s Financial Resolutions Work

Every January, many of us take stock of our lives. With the rest of the year in front of you, there’s no better time to reset with a resolution. Because we’d like to encourage you to make a financial New Year’s resolution, here’s a good place to start. Budget Look at your expenses and find […]


Balance Transfer Credit Cards: What You Need to Know

Zero. In many contexts, that sounds pretty great. Free stuff is what’s mostly associated with the number. That’s why it’s quite understandable that zero percent balance-transfer credit cards can seem so enticing. These offers allow you to move a balance from a credit card that charges interest to a card that doesn’t. Not a bad […]


How to Make a Budget in the New Year – 2016 Budget

December tends to fly by in a flurry of holiday shopping, festive meals, exotic travel and family gatherings. It’s when we like to pack things in. But as the final month of the year, it’s also the perfect time to get your finances in order and prepare for the calendar change. Here’s a checklist of […]


What Millennials Need to Know About Credit

Millennials are a generation with a reputation for their cultural and technological knowledge.  Unfortunately, many young people are more wary of credit cards than older generations.  They either misunderstand or are unaware of the benefits of using credit cards wisely. And when it comes to being savvy about credit cards, they could learn much from their […]

Estate Planning

Estate Planning Checklist

For National Estate Planning Awareness Week, October 19-25, 2015, we wanted to offer a helpful checklist for making important life choices. While estate planning is something generally associated with those of advanced years, it’s quite relevant for people of all ages. Here are a few benchmarks to consider. Entering Adulthood Once someone turns 18, a […]


Teaching Your Kids How to Build Good Credit

Your credit score can open doors — if it’s strong. If it’s not, it can slam those doors shut. But no one is born with great credit. Like most things worthwhile, it’s built and maintained over time. If your child is heading off to college, send them into the world with the knowledge they need […]

Finance Basics

How to Beat Loneliness and the Importance of Social Interaction

Exercising, eating healthy and avoiding stress are some of the key prescriptions to living a long, healthy life. Researchers at Brigham Young University also recommend plenty of social interaction to stay physically and mentally fit. According to the recent study published in the journal of Perspective on Psychological Science, loneliness can be just as dangerous […]

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