Finance Basics

A Money Market Account, Savings Account or CD?

When you think about what to do with your cash assets, you may be trying to decide whether to open an online savings account, money market account or certificate of deposit (CD). Start by figuring out how much cash you're depositing and for how long. A general rule of thumb is that the more you […]

Finance Basics

Money Market Accounts vs. Bank CDs

CDsWhen you open a certificate of deposit (CD), you agree that you will not withdraw the funds until the maturity date, which varies from a few months to several years after you open the account, depending on the term you choose. You can close a CD before the term ends, but you typically will pay […]

Finance Basics

Certificate of Deposit Account or Online Savings Account?

Although funds in both savings accounts and certificates of deposit (CDs) are usually FDIC-insured and benefit from compounded interest, there may be advantages to choosing one over the other. CDs may have higher interest rates.To begin with, bank CDs tend to pay higher interest rates than regular savings accounts—depending on the CD term. Ally Bank […]

Finance Basics

Compare Savings Accounts, CDs and Money Market Accounts

Most bank savings accounts earn interest and are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) up to the maximum allowed by law. Still, accounts from different banks are far from the same. Here are the key things you should consider when you compare savings accounts, certificates of deposit or money market accounts from different […]

Finance Basics

Home Remodeling and Buying

Is owning a home right for you?Owning a home may be a common dream, but it's not for everyone. And whether you're contemplating buying your dream home, your first home or simply your next, your first step should be to figure out whether the cost of home buying—including taxes, insurance, home remodeling and maintenance—outweighs the […]

Finance Basics

Smart Exercise and Aging: How Exercise Improves Cognitive Function

Growing up is not the same as growing old; a thought that Peter Pan struggled to grasp, while Wendy Darling proved to be true. The former is a choice and latter is simply inevitable. Unfortunately, since we’re not movie characters, we’re forced to face this truth daily. Growing old means aging, a continuous process that […]

Finance Basics

Updating Financial Advisor Standards

Is your financial professional putting your needs first? In the financial services industry, there’s no shortage of people calling themselves financial advisors. Unfortunately, anyone can call themselves a financial advisor, which can be highly misleading and confusing. According to AARP, there are more than 400,000 people in the U.S. that call themselves financial advisors – […]


What’s Your Money Script?

What does money mean to you? When it comes to financial decisions, like saving money, we all have different money personalities that affect the way we handle finances. Whether you’re a saver or spender, there are underlying psychological reasons why some people prioritize saving while others don’t. Being a good saver is not a function […]

Finance Basics

Financial Wellness Programs: The Link between Health and Wealth

The link between physical and financial health is more closely related than you might think. Your financial fitness can directly impact your health and vice-versa. According to the Financial Health Institute, three quarters of Americans report finances are the main cause of their stress. Financial stress can include the amount of savings you have, college […]

Finance Basics

Financial Gifts: Consider a Gift of Future Worth

With the Christmas holiday season upon us, no doubt you may splurge a bit more this time of year. The National Retail Federation (NRF) projects Americans will spend an average of $616 billion this holiday season. Start a new tradition this year by giving a financial gift that will be worth more than a fashionable, but short-lived […]

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