Finance Basics

Financial Wellness Programs: The Link between Health and Wealth

The link between physical and financial health is more closely related than you might think. Your financial fitness can directly impact your health and vice-versa. According to the Financial Health Institute, three quarters of Americans report finances are the main cause of their stress. Financial stress can include the amount of savings you have, college […]

Finance Basics

Financial Gifts: Consider a Gift of Future Worth

With the Christmas holiday season upon us, no doubt you may splurge a bit more this time of year. The National Retail Federation (NRF) projects Americans will spend an average of $616 billion this holiday season. Start a new tradition this year by giving a financial gift that will be worth more than a fashionable, but short-lived […]


Want To Live Longer? Give Some Money Away

Charitable donations surge toward the end of the year, for a couple of reasons: People want to get the tax write-off, and the holidays make us feel all warm and giving. The first reason isn’t relevant to those who don’t itemize. But plenty of us give to causes even if we won’t realize a tax […]

Estate Planning

What We Learned: Estate Planning in the Digital Age Google Hangout [Video]

As new technology enters our lives, society is becoming even more dependent on digital assets. However, the more information we put into these digital assets, the more information we leave behind for our fiduciaries to manage. Learning how and why we must integrate access to this information within our estate plans was the main focus […]

Estate Planning

What We Learned – Solidifying Your Financial Estate: Planning Your Financial Future

Planning for your financial future can be tricky. When prepared correctly, your estate has the ability to keep you and your loved ones financially stable over time. Making sure that estate plans are reviewed constantly is an easy way to make sure your financial planning stays up-to-date. In fact, most people acknowledged during our October […]

Estate Planning

5 Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

A primary goal of estate planning is to safeguard your legacy after you’ve passed. It enables you to leave all of your hard-earned assets to your loved ones. However, even the most careful and well-intentioned person can stumble along the way. Here are five estate planning mistakes to avoid. 1. Retirement Beneficiaries don’t match your […]

Estate Planning

Join Our Conversation During National Estate Planning Week (Oct. 20-26)

Join our live TweetChat, Tuesday, October 21st –  Solidifying Your Estate: Planning Your Financial Future Estate planning is an essential component of any financial plan. A well designed estate plan can help to accumulate and conserve assets during your lifetime. It can also help shelter your family’s financial security after you’re gone. Estate planning doesn’t […]


What We Learned: Developing Enviable Saving Habits TweetChat

Discipline has big payoffs, particularly when it comes to saving. In fact, discipline is what many people cited as the behavior that helped them accomplish their savings goals and afforded them security and protection against financial uncertainty, during our September 30th TweetChat: Developing Enviable Saving Habits, co-hosted with Financial security was the biggest incentive to […]


Tuesday, September 30th – Live TweetChat: Developing Enviable Saving Habits

The journey to financial wisdom and security can be filled with many lessons. The wisdom in saving money is that it provides security and protection against certain financial uncertainty. It also allows you the freedom to live the way you want. While saving is highly desirable, it’s not always easy to accomplish. During this month’s […]

Finance Basics

Tuesday, August 19th – Live TweetChat: The Finances of the Sandwich Generation

Nearly 50 million middle-aged working Americans are currently caring for both their kids and an aging parent. This generation of caregivers can often feel “sandwiched” between providing both financial and emotional support to their multi-generational family, while juggling their own needs and obligations. Taking on the role of caregiver can be rewarding and challenging. For […]