Tuesday, July 29th – Live TweetChat: Proud Moments: Accomplishing Sophisticated Financial Goals

What makes a successful saver? Financial experts often point to a mix of dedication and discipline, creating the ultimate saver. We believe Ally Bank followers are expert savers and we want to know, what has your motivation and dedication to saving helped you earn? How are you utilizing your savings and what advice can you […]


Tips to Slice High Summer BBQ Prices

The sound of sizzling meat on the grill is going to cost you more this summer. The price of beef and pork are up an average 7.7 percent, according to recent data from the US Department of Labor. Severe drought in several western states has thinned cattle herds and a pig virus that’s reduced supply […]

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Food Expiration Dates Contribute to Billions in Food Waste

How many times have you chucked a container of sour cream or a container of milk because the date label showed it expired? Would you be surprised to know most food label dates aren’t actual expiration dates and cause perfectly good food to go to waste — costing you hundreds, possibly even thousands of dollars […]

Finance Basics

Tuesday, June 24th – Live TweetChat: Protecting Yourself Online

You probably wouldn’t hand the keys to your car to a stranger. Nor would you leave the windows and doors to your home wide open for anyone to come in and take your valuables.  So why wouldn’t you take basic precautions to protect yourself online? A recent survey by Consumer Reports found that 62 percent […]


Understanding How Your Credit Can Affect Buying a Car

When you’re thinking about buying a new car, there’s more to consider than just what make and model you want to purchase. Along with making sure your car has a high safety rating and a large enough trunk to fit groceries, a stroller and soccer equipment, you’ll also want to be sure that your credit […]

Estate Planning

Estate Planning: Protecting Your Digital Assets

Wills have long been the cornerstone of estate plans. This legal document allows you to plan a practical and cost effective transfer of your property to your family and selected beneficiaries. When most people prepare their wills, they often only consider their physical property, but little thought is given to intangible property. According to a […]


Buying a New Car? 4 Extra Costs You Should Know About

  The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) is just one of the costs associated with buying a new vehicle. When you’re ready to close the deal on your new car, make sure you’re not surprised by these additional costs that make up part of your final price tag. Car Sales Taxes and Tags As with […]


Behind the Scenes with Kiplinger: Building Wealth the Old-Fashioned Way [Video]

It’s not how much you make, but what you do with your money that counts. In the May issue of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine, we introduce you to a couple who are building their wealth the old-fashioned way — by saving early, saving consistently and investing wisely in their future. Of course, saving isn’t always […]

Finance Basics

Tuesday, April 29th – Live TweetChat: Getting and Staying Financially Fit

For many Americans, planning their finances has become a DIY strategy, and it’s never been more necessary to know how to manage money. April has been designated National Financial Literacy Month and now is a great time to reflect on the fundamentals and beyond of money management. If managed properly, money can provide freedom and […]


Take Your Retirement Budget on a Practice Run

If you’re nearing retirement, you’ve likely taken steps to prepare financially for the future. What you plan to do in retirement has a direct effect on your retirement budget. Anticipating your income and expenses in retirement actually comes years before you make the jump. Surprisingly, money isn’t the main consideration when planning your retirement budget. […]