A Harris Poll released earlier this year pointed out the shocking fact that 27% of U.S. citizens have no savings and 34% currently have nothing saved for their retirement. But a new post over at Bargaineering reminds readers that saving for the future doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact according to them, you can take your savings to the next level in under a minute.

Author Miranda Marquit encourages those who want to ramp up their savings to first think about exactly how they want to save. Do you want to put your money in a money market account? A CD? She goes on to suggest looking around online for banks that offer the best interest rates. She points out that sometimes direct banks like Ally sometimes can have more competitive interest rates than brick-and-mortar institutions. She ends with the reminder that in most cases, opening a savings account can be a relatively quick and painless process if you take the appropriate steps.

Are you looking to take your savings to the next level? Why do you think such a high percentage of people aren’t saving for the future?