You may be deeply invested in your personal finance, but have you ever taken a personal-finance class? If you haven’t, you’re not alone. Fifty-eight percent of those who responded to an Ally Bank survey about banking and money habits said they had never taken a personal finance class.

The study also found that only one third of respondents between 18 and 34 had taken a class in the last five years, even though some experts say this is the very group that most needs financial education.

Not sure about whether you need to take a class? Think of it as an investment in yourself. J.D. Roth of the blog Get Rich Slowly recently wrote about the benefits of self-improvement: going to the gym, attending lectures, reading books and, yes, taking classes are all important components of true wealth.

Personal finance classes can be hugely helpful for figuring out how to make good financial decisions, and can shed light on how much there is to learn about certain topics, like saving for retirement or dealing with debt. You can even take some classes from the comfort of your own home — and for free.

At Ally Bank, we understand the importance of financial education. That’s why we offer a free online program for consumers called Wallet Wise that offers online courses on investing, credit, auto financing and more. Wallet Wise also has budgeting worksheets and information on real-world events that can help you make the most of your money.

Have you ever taken a personal finance class? Was it online or in person? Would you recommend taking a class to friends? We want to hear about your experience. Tell us in the comments, or let us on know on Facebook or Twitter.

What did you learn in a personal finance class that you might not have known otherwise? How did it help you better manage your money?