What someone does with a sudden windfall can say a lot about that person and their financial priorities. We asked over 1,000 Americans what they’d do with $10,000 if they received the money tomorrow. Saving was the most popular option. But working adults and young people have other plans for the cash — namely paying off debt or simply spending it.

If you ever do find yourself with a financial windfall, it might be wise to pause and consider your options; Susan Bradley, a financial planner and founder of the Sudden Money Institute, tells Oprah.com that you should wait until you feel comfortable with the amount of money you’ve been given before making any major decisions on what to do with it. During that time, you may want to consider parking the money in a safe place, such as a savings account.


What would you do with $10,000 if you received it tomorrow? Have you ever unexpectedly received a large amount of money?

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