With the warmer months just around the corner, you’re looking ahead to spring cleaning. You’ll finally get around to making roof repairs, donating old clothes to charity and cleaning out the boxes in the attic. But the season’s also a great time to get your financial house in order – especially since you have to prepare for Tax Day anyway. (This year, federal income tax returns are due to the I.R.S. on April 17.)

Spring-cleaning your finances might mean any combination of discarding, renewing, and planning. Maybe you have a pile of old documents that needs shredding. Or a stack of papers you need to file. Have you started putting your tax records from 2012 in order? Did you make an appointment to see your financial adviser? Maybe you need to check your credit score for a big upcoming purchase, or change your insurance coverage based on a new home or a new car.

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Which financial chores do you need to take on this spring? How do you get organized?