Ever since he was a kid, Kevin Cupp wanted to own a DeLorean like the one from the 1985 film Back to the Future.

“Last year, I graduated from Virginia Tech and finally had the type of job where I could save up for such things,” Kevin told us. “So I figured, while I’m young and carefree, I’ll start saving for my dream car.”

A friend recommended Ally Bank as a smart place to save thanks to high interest rates. Soon Kevin had an Ally Online Savings Account he named “the DeLorean Fund.” He also opened an Ally Interest Checking Account.

The perks of an online bank perfectly suited Kevin’s needs. He found it easy to schedule automatic transfers using Ally’s online banking and enjoyed the seamless way Ally worked with his Mint.com account. “[It] allowed me to see an overview of my finances so I could squeeze every last penny I could into my DeLorean fund,” he said.

Thanks to the great rate he was getting on his savings account, he had enough to put down a sizable down payment on a DeLorean after just a year of saving.

Kevin enjoyed the fact that everything about banking with Ally was simple and straightforward. Setting aside money for his dream car was a breeze, and his DeLorean fund was always accessible, secure, and—most importantly—working for him.

“Ever since joining Ally,” Kevin said, “I’ve come to realize that this is my kind of bank.”

Between our great rates and our 24/7 customer service, it’s easy to see why people like Kevin love Ally Bank. Take a look at our variety of saving options and see which works best for you and your savings goals.