Financial Etiquette: Every Acquaintance Has a Cause – But Do I Always Have to Give? [VIDEO]

With the holidays approaching, you may find friends, neighbors or coworkers asking you to donate to their charitable causes. In an ideal world you’d always be able to contribute – but since our world is hardly ideal, is it ever acceptable to decline? In our first installment of “Financial Etiquette with Randy Cohen,” the author, humorist […]


Ally Asks: What Would You Do With $10,000?

What someone does with a sudden windfall can say a lot about that person and their financial priorities. We asked over 1,000 Americans what they’d do with $10,000 if they received the money tomorrow. Saving was the most popular option. But working adults and young people have other plans for the cash — namely paying […]


September Goals: What Would You Like to Accomplish in the Coming Months?

No matter how old you are, the beginning of September always tends to feel like the beginning of a new year. The sunny, relaxing days of summer are in the rearview mirror, and the serious, down-to-business days of autumn are gearing up. If September feels like a new start for you, you may find that […]


5 Ways to Get in Shape for Less – or for Free

Like a well-built retirement account, regular exercise is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. But if you’re not careful, your workouts may end up costing you. The average gym membership goes for about $55 a month — or $660 a year — according to Oprah.com. And if you’re going for weeks at […]


5 Tips for Planning a Successful Yard Sale

Stroll around just about any neighborhood in the summer, and you’re bound to come across a yard sale. You may even be thinking about having one yourself to clear out the clutter (and maybe even generate a little cash). Here are some tips on how to make your yard sale a success. Make it a […]


Take Me Out to the Ball Game Without Breaking the Bank

For many of us, there’s nothing more enjoyable than spending a summer afternoon at the ballpark. But the costs of attending a game can add up quickly. Luckily, it’s not hard to enjoy a baseball game without spending a mound of cash that you didn’t really want to spend. Tickets Tickets for Major League Baseball […]


Ally Asks: Where Are You With Your 2012 Financial Resolution?

Believe it or not, half a year has passed since we asked you to share your 2012 financial resolution. Back in the New Year, roughly half of you said your resolution was to pay off your credit cards; about a third said you wanted to build an emergency fund; some wanted to increase monthly contributions […]


Creating a Budget for Your Impulse Buys

Even the smartest savers occasionally find themselves making impulse buys. Sometimes the purchase is something small, like a bag of gourmet potato chips calling out your name at the checkout line. Other times, the impulse buy is something much bigger, like a beach vacation you booked in the middle of a trying day at the […]


5 Ways Volunteer Work Can Reward You

Now that spring is in full bloom, maybe you’ve found a way to turn your spring cleaning finds into charitable gifts. If you’re already in giving mode, you may be looking for additional ways to support organizations in need. One great way to do that is to give your time. And volunteering just may benefit […]


What Growing a Vegetable Garden Can Teach You About Finance

It’s no secret that eating vegetables has significant health benefits, from helping you manage your weight to lowering your cholesterol. Growing your own garden this spring and summer can help you add vegetables to your diet. And if you’re managing your finances, you already have a good idea of what goes into managing a garden. […]

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