Automating Your Bills Can Give You Financial Peace of Mind

  Lots of us have a bill we dread each month. For some, it’s that pesky student loan payment. Others can’t stand those winter heating bills. But some financial experts suggest you can take some of the pain out of paying your monthly bills by setting up an automatic bill payment plan. Just like automating […]


Ally Bank Asks, “How Would You Invest $10,000?”

In our latest survey, we asked a group of people, “If you received $10,000, in what way would you be most likely to invest it?” We found the results pretty interesting, and wanted to share them with you here on the Ally Bank Straight Talk blog. Over a quarter of respondents said they would drop […]


Could Creating a Budget Be a Bad Thing?

A financial koan for our readers: Is it possible to practice smart money management without creating a budget? If you’re like most people, your immediate answer is probably a resounding, “No!“ After all, could there be a more basic money management practice than budgeting? It turns out that some financial experts are wondering if creating […]


Shovel Out of Debt First or Start an Emergency Fund?

Sierra Black at Get Rich Slowly has a post that tackles an ongoing debate in the personal finance world: do you eliminate debt first or focus on building an emergency fund? Black smartly lays out the advantages of both and even points to the benefits of taking the middle road. She talks about how she […]


Around the Web: “How To Fund Your Football Season Expenses”

We recently brought up football here on Straight Talk, but ’tis the season. Money Crashers’ Erik Folgate scored a touchdown (terrible pun intended) on his most recent article “How to Fund Your Football Season Expenses” and offered up some helpful tips to cover your Sunday hot wing expenses. One of the article’s tips below: “Round […]

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