Need to Pay for Healthcare Costs? What to Know About Medical Loans and Medical Credit Cards

Even if you have an emergency savings fund —  you can avoid dipping into it for healthcare expenses, with a couple financing options. With medical credit cards and medical loans, you have several alternatives for covering out-of-pocket medical bills, both unexpected and pre-planned. But like any credit card or loan, it’s a good idea to […]


How to Build and Maintain a Good Credit Score

You’ve heard the age-old question: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? You can’t have one without the other. It’s a little like establishing a strong credit score — it takes having a credit history … which can be tough to establish if you don’t have credit to begin with. Mind blown? Not to […]


Our Holiday Gift to You: 10 Tips for Smarter (and Safer) Shopping on Cyber Monday and Beyond

Black Friday. Either you spend it standing in line for hours to nab the hottest toy, or you fight the massive crowds to get a half-price flat-screen. But Cyber Monday, the online shopping bonanza that occurs annually on the Monday after Thanksgiving, is when you can shop from the comfort of your own home and […]


Yay or Nay: Using Your Credit Card to Pay Bills for Rewards

Paying your bills with your credit card may seem like a quick and easy way to rack up a boatload of points or cash back towards your next getaway (a cruise, perhaps?). But using a credit card for monthly bills could also put you on the road to accumulating a mountain of interest charges. So […]


Credit 101: What Is Credit And How Does It Work?

According to a NerdWallet survey conducted by Harris Poll, most Americans don’t understand how common actions can affect their credit scores. This can have a seriously negative impact on their financial situation. Here are a few tips on building your credit — a smart money habit. Building (and maintaining) a solid credit background can strengthen […]


Balance Transfer Credit Cards: What You Need to Know

Zero. In many contexts, that sounds pretty great. Free stuff is what’s mostly associated with the number. That’s why it’s quite understandable that zero percent balance-transfer credit cards can seem so enticing. These offers allow you to move a balance from a credit card that charges interest to a card that doesn’t. Not a bad […]


What Millennials Need to Know About Credit

Millennials are a generation with a reputation for their cultural and technological knowledge.  Unfortunately, many young people are more wary of credit cards than older generations.  They either misunderstand or are unaware of the benefits of using credit cards wisely. And when it comes to being savvy about credit cards, they could learn much from their […]


Teaching Your Kids How to Build Good Credit

Your credit score can open doors — if it’s strong. If it’s not, it can slam those doors shut. But no one is born with great credit. Like most things worthwhile, it’s built and maintained over time. If your child is heading off to college, send them into the world with the knowledge they need […]


Understanding How Your Credit Can Affect Buying a Car

When you’re thinking about buying a new car, there’s more to consider than just what make and model you want to purchase. Along with making sure your car has a high safety rating and a large enough trunk to fit groceries, a stroller and soccer equipment, you’ll also want to be sure that your credit […]


Credit Scores: What Goes Into Them and What Affects Them

Your credit score plays an important role when financing a vehicle. Once you’ve found the right car or truck, your credit score helps determine first if you’re qualified for an auto financing contract, and second, the finance rate associated with the credit. It’s a powerful number and according to, it pays to maintain a […]

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