Credit Scores: What Goes Into Them and What Affects Them

Your credit score plays an important role when financing a vehicle. Once you’ve found the right car or truck, your credit score helps determine first if you’re qualified for an auto financing contract, and second, the finance rate associated with the credit. It’s a powerful number and according to, it pays to maintain a […]


A New Study Suggests Your Credit Report May Not Be Accurate

If you pay your bills on time and are responsible with your credit, you’ll usually be rewarded with a good credit score. But recent findings suggest that even if you follow these basic rules, you may still want to take a close look at your report. A new study by the Federal Trade Commission examined […]


A New Study Suggests Young People Need to Be Educated on Credit Card Debt

Readers of Straight Talk know that financial education for young people is something we consider to be very important — and a recent study suggests the need for this kind of education is as necessary as ever, especially when it comes to using credit responsibly. A study published in the January issue of the journal […]

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