Tax season is coming to an end. If you’re like many Americans, you’re probably checking your mailbox or bank account for your income tax refund. After all, there are all sorts of things you can do with your tax refund that can help you get ahead financially, and who wants to wait to do that?

A recent post at Get Rich Slowly points readers to a helpful tool on the IRS website that allows you to check your federal income tax return status. All you have to do is plug in your refund amount, social security number and marital status. Knowing exactly when you can expect that money can help with your financial planning.

In the same post, J.D. Roth talks about adjusting your paycheck withholdings, which essentially amounts to getting your refund in small chunks with each paycheck. He suggests taking this extra cash and putting it in a savings account with a competitive interest rate. This allows you to stretch your money a bit by gaining earnings over the course of the year on money that otherwise would not have collected interest.

Do you follow J.D. Roth’s suggestion of adjusting your W-4 so less is withheld from your paycheck during the year?