In 2008, 61 percent of consumers gave a prepaid card as a holiday gift, and that number may not change for the 2010 holiday season. But what do you do if you get a gift card for a retailer that’s not in your area? Or one that you don’t particularly care for? Chances are that card ends up collecting dust in a drawer somewhere. But while that gift card for the electronic store that’s nowhere near your house may not have Ulysses S. Grant’s face on it, it’s still money in the bank.

The Digerati Life looks into the rise of sites that allow you to trade or sell gift cards that you don’t want, paying special attention to top dog Plastic Jungle. It’s one solution to fixing the fact that a whopping $6.8 billion of gift cards go unused each year in the United States. Remember, someone paid for that gift card, and if it isn’t redeemed, there’s nothing to show for that expense except a piece of plastic with a store logo on it.

Did you get any gift cards this year that you don’t think you’ll be using? Will you use one of these sites to trade it in or sell it? Or have you used one before? Let us know in the comments.