The holidays are coming up, and many people will open their homes to visiting friends or family members. Reuters points out that having houseguests can come with unforeseen financial implications, but you can ease some of this burden by considering some of these hosting tips.

Be Upfront About What They Can Bring

A polite houseguest will usually ask if there’s anything they can bring. According to Reuters, you shouldn’t feel bad about taking advantage of this offer. The news agency suggests that you ask guests to bring beverages, or in some cases, an entire meal. Not only can this save you money on food and drinks, but, if you put your guests in charge of preparing a meal, it also gives you some time to relax.

Make a List of Cheap Entertainment Options

If you have guests staying for more than a few days, you’ll probably need ways to keep them busy. Reuters reminds you that your guests may be looking for inexpensive entertainment during their time away from home, and recommends having a list of free local activities. Wise Bread recommends stopping by your local tourism bureau for the latest local deals and event listings, as well as looking into nearby happy hours.

Plan Your Work Schedule in Advance

Some people find themselves taking time off work to entertain guests, which can lead to lost income, according to Reuters. They suggest planning your work schedule so you get that work done immediately before or after their visit, or ask your guests to fly solo so you can stay on top of your workplace duties (and continue to generate income).

Invite Guests Who Reciprocate

If you’re going to stock the medicine cabinet and pretty up the guest bedroom, as Living Well on the Cheap suggests you do, you might as well do it for someone who will return the favor. Reuters recommends opening your home to guests who will do the same for you down the road. This way, the money you spend now on entertaining is basically an investment in a trip you’ll make later on.

Will you host houseguests this holiday season? How do you prepare your home for visitors?