Online Resources That Can Help You Reach Savings Goals

When it comes to saving money and reaching financial goals, everyone needs a system. Thankfully, there’s a wealth of online resources that can help you meet savings goals and make purchasing decisions that will ensure you’re making the most of your money. Here at Ally Bank, for instance, we offer our Wallet Wise program that […]


A Brief History of CD Rates – and Why They’re Still a Good Deal

Anyone who’s been banking for the last few decades can remember the days when CD rates were so high that their interest alone could fund a lush retirement. The peak came in August 1981, when the interest rate for one six-month CD in particular hit 17.98 percent, according to To put that in perspective, […]


Mastering the 52 Week Savings Challenge

After hitting a peak of over 14 percent in the mid 1970s, the current average personal savings rate is hovering around the 4 percent mark, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis at the U.S. Department of Commerce. If that low savings rate reminds you of someone you know — your kids, another relative, a […]


3 Things You Might Not Know About IRAs

More than 40 million Americans have Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), with a third of all households having at least one traditional IRA and 17 percent having Roth IRAs, according to Fox Business. But IRAs come with their fair share of rules and restrictions, which may leave people confused when it comes to all the ways […]


Savings Talk: Creating a Savings Calendar

Whenever you hope to accomplish something in life – whether that be starting a business, renovating your home or preparing for a new family member – getting organized helps a lot. This also applies to saving money. In the same way that spring may be the best time for planting and autumn may the best time for […]


J.D. Roth Talks About the Benefits of CDs

A bank CD account can do so much more than just earn interest and shelter your money. When used wisely, a certificate of deposit can save you in a financial pinch, or even fund your future. And no matter what you use your CD account for, employing smart CD savings strategies will get you to […]


Savings Talk: Personal Finance Bloggers Share How They Manage Their Holiday Spending

With the season of joy comes a blizzard of expenses – and we don’t just mean holiday shopping. You may find yourself shelling out for parties, outings, tipping, decorations, holiday cards and more. You could just keep mindlessly digging into your wallet. Or you could learn how to manage your holiday output. We asked three […]


Savings Talk: American Savings Trends Over the Past 50 Years

Saving is becoming a lost art. Over the past 50 years, more and more Americans are finding themselves challenged when it comes to putting money away for a rainy day. The current average personal savings rate is hovering around the 4 percent mark after hitting a peak of over 14 percent in the mid 1970s, […]


Savings Talk: How to Avoid Being Haunted By Past Financial Mistakes

Halloween isn’t the only time of year you may encounter ghosts. Sometimes a financial decision you made long ago can rise from the dead to haunt you. Generally, these types of mistakes tend to share certain traits. “They tend to reflect over-optimism,” Liz Weston—MSN Money columnist and author of the book The 10 Commandments of Money—tells […]


CD Laddering: How it Works, and How It Can Maximize Your Savings

Some financial experts, including Rob Bennett of A Rich Life, believe that CDs are some of the best savings options out there. Some CDs earn you higher interest on your money than other types of savings accounts, and many of them come insured by the FDIC to the maximum amount allowed by law. Ally Bank’s CDs come at consistently competitive […]

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