Whenever you hope to accomplish something in life – whether that be starting a business, renovating your home or preparing for a new family member – getting organized helps a lot. This also applies to saving money.

In the same way that spring may be the best time for planting and autumn may the best time for harvesting, different times of the year can be better for achieving savings activities and goals.

Jim Wang- Ally Bank Blog post

We asked Bargaineering founder Jim Wang to help you meet your savings goals by creating a savings calendar. Here, in his own words, Wang offers suggestions to help you save in every season.


The spring is the time to start thinking about where you might want to go on vacation when the summer hits, as well as the time to start saving for that trip. If you usually get a big tax rebate check, aside from using some of that to pay down debt, you can earmark a portion for a fun summer vacation. By saving now, you skip putting your vacation on a credit card and leaving yourself with debt just for the sake of having fun.


The summer makes me think about how the holidays are just around the corner and how that can often wreak havoc on budgets. Start thinking about what you might want to buy for whom and start saving up now to avoid the rush at the end of the year.


Fall always makes me think of the start of school and how important education is in our lives and in our success. If you have children – or are even thinking about having children – consider starting a 529 plan that they can use towards education. It’ll take a bit of work to find the best 529 plan for you, but when you have a child prodigy on your hands, you’ll be thankful you started saving early for his or her higher education!


I know this is an article about saving initiatives that you should start in each season, but if you’ve been diligent with your saving during the other three seasons of the year, take a break in the winter while you spend quality time with your family and friends. Keep up with what you were doing before – don’t let it fall to the wayside – but enjoy winter and be ready to start something new when the flowers start to bloom again!

Do you have your own savings calendar? What do you save for during different times of the year?