If you’re like many of us, you probably start thinking about what you’ll do with your tax refund before you’ve even filed. But before that refund is as good as spent, you may want to decide on a financially savvy plan for that money.

Financial blog Get Rich Slowly recently gave its rundown of the best things to do with your tax refund. Its list includes lots of financially sound advice, including not spending that money before it’s actually in your bank account, and using your tax return to pay off debt.

Another item on its list involves setting that money aside in a savings product. The post’s author, Sarah Gilbert, mentions that she’s planning on putting some of her refund into a Roth IRA, where the money will earn interest — and stay out of her reach.

That’s a great idea for anyone looking to prepare for retirement. But if you’re looking to put your money in a savings product that won’t be immediately accessible, but still offers more flexibility than an IRA, you may want to think about putting that money in a certificate of deposit.

The post also suggests that a tax refund can be a great foundation for an emergency fund. If you’re going to use a refund to set up an emergency fund, you might consider putting that money into an account that’s easy to access, such as a Money Market or Online Savings account.

Do you plan to save any of your tax refund this year? What else would you do with that money?