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In a world where many songs urge listeners to spend big money on designer brands and live a g-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s lifestyle, it’s time to redefine songs about “living your best life.” Whether it’s about having that rainy day fund or how to get your money to make money, we brought rapper Charlie Curtis-Beard, “finfluencer” (financial influencer) money coach Vince Hollerman, and musical guest, Tobi Lou, into the studio to create  catchy new tracks about smart money management.

Follow their creative journey below, or see how it came to life on TikTok.


The driving inspiration

@allydoitright Here to boost these amazing creators and sharpen your money mind 🧠 Ft. @moneycoachvince & @charliecurtisb😍#lyricALLY ♬ original sound – ally

To start, Hollerman, kicked things off by talking about how he went from delivery driver to financial content creator. After growing his wealth by following many of the tips he shares on social media, he’s now realizing his dreams, which is why we felt he was the perfect fit for this collaboration.


 50/30/20 – oh my!

@allydoitright We all wanna do right by our 💸, so we got @charliecurtisb and @moneycoachvince to help 🤝 #lyricALLY ♬ original sound – ally

Now things are getting fun! Hollerman breaks down the 50/30/20 budget as Curtis-Beard freestyles it to life.


10 money tips from Vince


@allydoitright Drop your money questions in the comments and they may be featured in the song @charliecurtisb @moneycoachvince 👀 #lyricALLY ♬ original sound – ally

Are you guilty of any of these 10 things? Hollerman is here to cover his top advice on what not to do with your money — like never stop contributing to your Roth IRA and never stop tracking your finances.  If you’re following along on TikTok, what questions do you have about money? Let us know on TikTok and they could get featured in their new song.

That rainy day fun-d


@allydoitright Couldn’t have picked two better creators to help us help you do right by your 💸 @charliecurtisb @moneycoachvince #lyricALLY ♬ original sound – ally

Hollerman breaks down why high-yield savings accounts have power – just like the latest flow from Curtis-Beard.

Breaking it down


@allydoitright @moneycoachvince helps us break down the 🔥 track he and @charliecurtisb created to help you get smarter with your 💸 #lyricALLY ♬ original sound – ally

How do you build credit? What are the benefits? Hollerman takes a few of the work-in-progress lyrics and explains what they mean when it comes to making smart money choices.

It’s coming together


@allydoitright We want to help you do right by your 💸 So here’s a sneak peak of what we’ve been working on @charliecurtisb @moneycoachvince We’re obsessed 😍 #lyricALLY ♬ original sound – ally

It’s sneak peek time – from rainy day funds to ways he saves, Charlie Curtis-Beard brings the first look at the song he and Money Coach Vince have been working on over the last few weeks.

Next step, full-length song

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We are heading into the final days of Hollerman and Curtis-Beard’s financially focused collab. While putting money tips to music, Curtis-Beard walks us through how he makes smart money choices in this exclusive teaser, with the hopes of helping people understand the importance of investing in yourself literally and figuratively.

Featuring Tobi Lou

@tobilou if only I had an ally to teach me how to use my money better.. @allydoitright #lyricALLY #fyp #please ♬ original sound – tobi lou

What’s a musical collab without a guest appearance? That’s why we called musician Tobi Lou. In the TikTok video, Tobi teases his verse – “credit, debit, spending… should I?”

Follow the beat

As you can see, every step of this musical journey was important in creating this song and we’re just getting startedStay tuned for what’s to come and follow @charliecurtisb, @moneycoachvince and @AllyDoItRight for the latest updates on this musical journey.


Meet the creators

Charlie Curtis-Beard headshotOriginally from Lincoln, Nebraska, Charlie Curtis-Beard is a Los Angeles-based rapper. As a self-produced musician, he continues to evolve his unique style through a fusion of hip-hop, neo-soul and funk music. In addition to growing his brand and following on TikTok, he’s released multiple EPs that led to features on Lyrical Lemonade and Spotify playlists, including “Rain in Pasadena” and “Polaroids of Venice.” Follow him @charliecurtisb.





Vince Hollerman, Money Coach Vince, headshotVince Hollerman, aka Money Coach Vince, is a money coach, digital creator and founder of Money Mindset University, an online financial education and coaching platform. Making money management relatable and easier to understand is the throughline of Hollerman’s work. Follow him @moneycoachvince.