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Ally Visitor Access Guide

Safety is our top priority as we welcome you to Ally.

Visitor Checklist

If you haven’t already been through the employee, contractor or vendor screening process, here’s what you’ll need for your visit:

  • A legitimate business reason to visit Ally

  • Invitation from Ally host with QR code

  • Valid government issued ID handy for check-in

Step 1: It’s check-in time.

Check in at the nearest tablet. Your QR code is your ticket in, so make sure you have it ready to scan along with your government issued ID.

Step 2: Lights, camera, access.

Once you get your visitor’s badge, hang tight. Let your Ally host know you’re all set to start your visit. They’ll need to meet you and escort you.


  • Keep badge visible during your entire visit

  • Swipe your badge at every card reader

Step 3: It’s not goodbye. It’s see you later.

Before you leave, be sure to return your visitor’s badge.