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Do you have what it takes?

do you have what it takes?

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A little bit retro, a little bit rock’n’roll, the new paint scheme is a masterpiece.

a little bit retro, a little bit rock’n’roll, the new paint scheme is a masterpiece.

What happens when two car collectors with an eye for vintage rides team up to create a custom paint job? Well, see for yourself as Danny “The Count” Koker from Count Kustoms collaborates with Jimmie in our newest series –Unexpected Allies. Buckle up folks, it’s gonna be a fun ride.

Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, and The Count Get on a Zoom Call

Jimmie hops on a Zoom call with racing legend Jeff Gordon and the larger than life Danny “The Count” Koker from Count Kustoms to talk an exciting new paint scheme.

The Count Channels His Inner Jimmie Johnson

Danny shows Jimmie his initial sketches for the upcoming paint scheme.

1970s Cool Guy Van Meets NASCAR

Jimmie narrows down the options and Danny gives us a real life look at what the car will eventually look like with the classic layered look seen on so many '70s “cool guy vans”.


It’s here! Check out the awesome new paint job for the No. 48 car.

No. 48 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1.

no. 48 chevrolet camaro zl1.

Jimmie Johnson’s #48 race car
Engine Stats, 358 in V8, 550-750 Max Horsepower
110 inch wheelbase, 3400 lbs weight
Jimmie Johnson’s #48 race car
7 time cup champion, 83 total wins, 231 top 5 finishes, 373 top 10 finishes

Meet Jimmie.

meet jimmie.


Like us, Jimmie believes in putting the folks he cares about first. Jimmie’s not only a champion on the track, but a father, husband and philanthropist on a mission to always do it right.

I'm ready to chase more history with Ally on board the No. 48. Jimmie Johnson

About us.

about us.


Who we are is in our name. We’re led by our mission to be an ally for your financial well-being. To do it right. No matter what. That’s why we’re constantly innovating, improving and refining our financial services as any champion would do. Learn more

We are beyond thrilled to be in the fast lane with Jimmie Johnson. - Jeffery Brown "JB" Ally Financial CEO
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Gear up for race day.

gear up for race day.

gear up for race day.

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Get your Jimmie Johnson downloadables today.

get your jimmie johnson downloadables today.

get your jimmie johnson downloadables today.

Improve your financial wellbeing.

improve your financial well-being.

Learn, share and discuss a variety of financial topics in the Ally Do It Right community.

Boost your mood with Jimmie's playlist

Boost your mood with Jimmie's Playlist

For seven-time NASCAR cup series champion Jimmie Johnson, listening to music provides a happy place that lifts him up any time of day.  What's on Jimmie's playlist

Good is never enough

Good Enough is Never Enough

Get more than a great rate with Ally Bank. Here are 10 ways we do it right

Off the track: How Jimmie Johnson recharges

Off the Track: How Jimmie Johnson Recharges

Just like Jimmie Johnson, we all need ways to ease our minds and separate from the ups and downs of daily life. For Jimmie, calm can be found through working out (especially bike riding!), listening to music or cooking in the kitchen.

Get up to speed.

get up to speed.

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