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Ally Racing is in full speed with Alex Bowman in the driver seat.

On and off the track Alex Bowman is a champion.

The racing season has kicked off and Alex Bowman is having burgeoning success. Don’t let the fact that he’s a dedicated dog dad fool you, Alex continues to be a force on the track. We’re proud to be a part of Alex’s journey as he continues to represent us in a major way.

One thing we love about Alex is his love for animals because we're also obsessed with our furry friends.

So, to support this shared passion, Alex and our team are working with Best Friends to bring awareness to homeless pets to hopefully have a home for every animal by 2025.

Wherever he races, Alex and Ally will donate A COMBINED $4,800 to a local animal shelter.  When Alex captures the checkered flag for a win, ALLY will up the donation to a total of $10,000.


Take a walk with Alex as he visits the Martinsville County SPCA and shares his mission to help every animal find a forever home. You’ll meet Lucky, one of the dogs up for adoption.

Meet the crew.

Greg Ives

For 16 years, Greg has been bringing his engineering background to the track. Having won the 2014 NASCAR Xfinity Series Champion, Greg knows what it takes to win.

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Jacob Conley

As a back-to-back NASCAR Xfinity Series Champion fueler, Jacob brings his tenacious collegiate football spirit to the track.

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Scott Brzozowski

With years of experience, including an Indy 500 win, Scott brings lightning-quick reflexes and passionately competitive spirit to the crew as our front-tire changer.

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Allen Stallings

CrossFit extraordinaire and former college football player – Allen brings his brawn to the track. His six years of experience, combined with his athleticism, add an explosive dynamic to the team as the front-tire carrier.

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Devin DelRicco

Bringing his pit school pedigree along with his back-to-back Xfinity Series Championship wins, Devin is a master rear tire carrier who makes sure we’re never in the back.

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Eric Ludwig

Off-roading extraordinaire and former college football player, jackman Eric has been bringing his A-game to the track for over 11 years.

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Finn and Roscoe Bowman

Finn, a charcoal lab, and Roscoe, a rescue Beagle mix, stepped into their roles as integral teammates for the No.48 team last year.  With Finn taking over the virtual wheel in 2020, the two haven’t looked back and continue to bring their "paw-sitive" energy to every race.

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Relentless racing starts with the Camaro ZL1.

Front view of our Ally 48 Chevrolet featuring pink, purple and teal stripes and the Ally do it right logo.
Side view of our Ally 48 Chevrolet featuring pink, purple and teal stripes and the Ally do it right logo.

358 in³ V8




110 in


3400 lbs


Who we are is in our name.

We’re led by our mission to be an ally for your financial well-being. To do it right, no matter what. That’s why we’re constantly innovating, improving and refining our financial services as any champion would do.  Learn more

Alex Bowman is a rising star in NASCAR who is continuing the winning legacy of the No. 48 car as part of team Ally. We are honored to keep our sponsorship growing with Hendrick Motorsports.

Jeffrey Brown, “JB”
Ally Financial CEO

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