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Unlock savings with everyday spending.

Take a look at the tools that can help you save while you live your life.

Open Spending and Savings
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Spending Account.

A checking account that makes everyday banking count.


  • Save when you spend with Round Ups

  • No overdraft fees and more  overdraft coverage

  • Pay no fees at 43,000+ Allpoint® ATMs in the U.S. and get reimbursed up to $10 per statement cycle for transaction fees at non-Allpoint® ATMs nationwide

Open Account

Savings Account.

A savings account that lets your money work smarter.


  • Get a competitive, variable rate with no monthly maintenance fees

  • Use our  smart savings tools  to help you grow your money faster

  • No minimum balance requirements and 24/7 support

Open Account

A win-win money boosting situation.

Our smart account features can help you turn everyday banking into a money system that works just for you. 

Surprise Savings

We analyze your linked checking accounts for safe-to-save money, then transfer it to your savings so you don’t have to. 

Round Ups

Get exclusive access to this savings booster when you have both Spending and Savings Accounts with us. We’ll track transactions we can round up to the nearest dollar, then transfer to your savings.

Recurring Transfers

Set it and forget it. Move money on a schedule that makes sense for you. 


Like digital envelopes, you can set aside money for what matters to you. All in one place. 

See how savings buckets work

Get the scoop on all things money. 

young woman writing in front of laptop
Easy budget templates that actually work.

Make budgeting a breeze with these quick tips.

2 men and little girl laying on the floor looking at a tablet together
Money management tools that work for you.

Check out our saving tools videos and see how you can make your money work smarter than ever.

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Stress less when overspending happens.

Get the run down on the multiple layers of overdraft protection we offer.

We're not in it for the awards.

But we’re flattered.

Kiplinger's Best Banks 2021 Award
Go Banking Rates Best Banks 2021 Award
Money Favorites The Best High-Yield Savings Accounts 2020 Award
Money Best Banks 2021-2022 Award

It only takes a few minutes to open a spending and savings account with us. 

Number 1

Tell us about yourself.

We'll need some personal details like your address, contact information and social security number.

Number 2

Select the accounts you’d like to open.

We made it a snap for you to open a spending and savings account at the same time.

Number 3

Fund your account.

There’s no minimum amount to open an account, but the faster you fund, the sooner you’ll earn interest.

Number 4

Enjoy our award-winning experience.

Get online access right away and explore everything we offer as well as other ways we can help you reach your goals.